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Rochester man jailed after teenager killed in shooting after vehicle crash

ROCHESTER, Minn. --- A 25-year-old Rochester man is being held in jail after he shot and killed a teenager after the two were in a vehicle crash over the weekend in the southern Minnesota city.

Alexander William Weiss is being held on probable cause for second degree after he shot Muhammed Rahim, 17, also of Rochester, in the chest, police said.  Weiss told police it was in self-defense.

However, a 17-year-old passenger in Rahim’s vehicle said after the two had a roadside confrontation, Weiss pulled a gun and Rahim dared him to shoot.

He then shot Rahim, who was taken to Saint Marys Hospital without a pulse, said police, and was determined to have died.

Police said the handgun was recovered from Weiss, who had a “permit to carry’ under Minnesota law. Weiss was the only occupant in his vehicle.

Also in Rahim’s vehicle were two teenage girls, ages 16 and 18.

Police are looking for additional witnesses to the incident, including the driver and possibly other passengers in a newer red SUV that was driving by at the time of the shooting.

Police said the case, which they said didn’t appear to be a road rage incident, remains active as investigators continue to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting, including claims of self-defense.