St. Louis County is one of 15 jurisdictions in the country chosen for a program aimed at treating people in jail who have opioid use disorder, the county Sheriff’s Office announced in a news release.

The program, an initiative of the U.S. Justice Department and Texas-based Arnold Ventures, will help the county, working with local providers, create a plan to bring medication assisted treatment for people in or recently released from the county jail, according to the news release.

In a single-day survey in January, more than half of the jail’s inmates disclosed that they had used heroin or other opioids, and 35 percent said they were taking such drugs on a daily basis.

Judge Shaun Floerke, who presides over the South St. Louis County DWI County and was involved in seeking the grant, said intervention and treatment is needed.

“People with an opioid use disorder coming out of jail without medication assisted treatment and solid connections to treatment have an increased risk of overdose or death,” he said in the news release.

Training will begin on Wednesday, according to the news release.