Bygones for May 16, 2020

News Tribune, May 16, 1980

  • John Pawlak, Duluth district engineer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said yesterday the extension of I-35 through downtown Duluth will be completed despite earlier reports of its cancellation. Pawlak said the extension was mistakenly included on a list of projects to be cut.
  • Cargill Inc. will permanently close its Elevator C export terminal today and will reduce operations at its remaining Duluth export terminal. A company representative said yesterday the volume of grain for export has been significantly reduced because of the Soviet grain embargo.

News Tribune, May 16, 2000

  • Fifty Northland mothers who returned yesterday from the Million Mom March in Washington, DC, are vowing to continue their work for what they call safer, saner gun laws. The group rode a bus for two straight days to take part in the march.
  • Results released yesterday show students in many northern Minnesota high schools performed above the state average on the basic standards writing exam. Regionally, 36 of 50 high schools boasted passing scores at or above the state average of 86%.

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