Bygones for April 28, 2020

News Tribune, April 28, 1980

  • Rising gasoline prices are driving Duluthians by the hundreds to switch from automobiles to motorcycles, which get from 50 to more than 100 miles per gallon. Three of Duluth's dealers of Japanese-made cycles are out of machines and don't know when they'll get more.
  • A congressional hearing in Duluth yesterday gathered comments on a bill by Rep. James Oberstar that would cancel the $111 million construction debt on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Supporters of the bill said the debt, if not dropped, would cause a major toll increase.

News Tribune, April 28, 2000

  • Mayor Gary Doty yesterday criticized area environmental groups for not using their resources to fight a controversial landfill in Gary-New Duluth. Doty was reacting to a Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling that will allow an industrial landfill to operate in the far-western neighborhood.
  • Three hundred Duluth employees of Advanstar Inc., 131 W. First St., learned yesterday that the company is offering itself for sale. Most of Advanstar's back-room operations are in Duluth, including circulation, production, financial services, mail room, and other related functions.

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