Bernie Nordman: A Haunted Shack wedding update

Note: Bernie Nordman, the Budgeteer's "Montana correspondent," is having her wedding at the Haunted Shack in Morgan Park later this month. She's back in town, probably making a last-minute decision or two.

Note: Bernie Nordman, the Budgeteer's "Montana correspondent," is having her wedding at the Haunted Shack in Morgan Park later this month. She's back in town, probably making a last-minute decision or two.

I arrived in Minneapolis on Saturday. My friends Jen and Michele had arrived in the Cities on Friday, and got a hotel room for all of us.

They spent the day before my arrival going to scrapbook stores and shopping. When I took the shuttle from the airport to our hotel I was bouncing in my seat waiting to see my friends.

Once I entered the room, I was pleasantly surprised: One of their stops had been a wine and cheese shop. They had the table in the room set for a princess -- complete with several varieties of cheeses, meats, breads, wine, dips, etc. I can't forget to mention the big box of Halloween Godiva chocolates! What girl doesn't like chocolate?

We stayed up most of the night laughing and giggling like teenagers. Had someone been listening at the door, they might have thought we were a group of women who didn't like each other: Our teasing at times is funny to us, but could be taken wrong by a stranger.


They also showed me all the papers and other assorted items they picked up to scrap that night. Michele informed me that she has enough stuff to scrap for my wedding several times over.

Should Roy and I decide not to get married, she would drag us to the altar and make a wedding happen anyway, just so she would be able to use her scrapping items.

I assured her that we are still getting married Saturday and all her papers, brads (a new scrapping term for me) and other do-dads would get good use.

My mom is feeling a bit under the weather and (understandably) not too happy about it. She called her doctor's office and let them know her daughter is getting married next week and that she can't be sick.

Then she told them that she needed a quick fix. Dad and I started laughing and, once she realized what she said, she apologized and told the nurse, "I'm sorry; that didn't come out right." She did get to see a doctor and got some medicine. She is on the mend.

Jen and I went to see the wedding site, Morgan Park's Haunted Shack. We got to see it right before it opened one night. It made me all excited to finally see the room we were getting married in. It was the first time in my life I had ever seen the Haunted Shack. Yes, I know we are a brave couple to be married in a place sight unseen.

Next it was off to my auntie Jack and uncle Ted's house in Superior. I had asked my dad if I could get to Superior from West Duluth or need to go via Oliver. He assured me I could get there via 40th Avenue West.

My car is in Montana, so I was driving my dad's big truck. I have not driven a big truck in years. That in itself is scary, so the construction just added to the fear factor. Are you aware that you cannot get to Superior via Proctor?


I found this out the hard way. I took the ramp at 40th and was a tad bit nervous about the narrow lanes.

I got even more nervous when I flew past the closed exit to Wisconsin! I had to go all the way to Proctor to turn around. Wheee!

I thought perhaps I could get on the Blatnik bridge from 40th going the other way. I took Skyline back to 40th going the other way. Imagine my surprise and delight when I flew past that closed exit.

Finally, I stopped at the Depot's parking lot and called my auntie to ask how to get to her house. She pointed me toward Garfield and I was on my way.

I had a lovely visit with my auntie and uncle. I was able to visit with my auntie Karen as well. My cousin Haley, who will be teaching in Belize, came for dinner as well. It was nice to get to visit with all of them. (Not to mention the wonderful dinner.)

I have loved being able to see all the decorations that my mom has made for the wedding. Everything is pretty and elegant.

Michele and Jen will be coming out to take pictures of everything so they can scrap it.

Roy arrives next week and I will be glad to see him. It will be nice to show him how the wedding is shaping up. I think that he is probably glad to have a week alone, before he has turn on his inner "groomzilla."


After two weeks of planning, the big day is almost here!

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