Apostle Islands' Outer Island partially reopened after bear activity closure

A bear with behavior that indicated it wasn't afraid of humans closed the Outer Island on Aug. 16.

Increased bear activity has closed Outer Island in the Apostle Island National Lakeshore. Forum News Service file photo by Steve Kohls

The Apostle Islands' Outer Island is partially reopened after bear activity closed it .

People can now explore the Outer Island during the day, following its closure on Aug. 16 when a bear exhibited signs that it wasn't afraid of humans, according to a news release from the National Park Service.

The partial opening comes after staff monitored the island's sand spit, campsite and light station area for 10 days, during which they observed no signs of bear activity.

But overnight camping isn't yet allowed, as the bear would enter campsites at night.

Park staff will continue monitoring the island to determine when it can fully reopen the island.


People should safely secure food and items with odor. And if a bear approaches a campsite, look large, use dominant body postures and voices, throw objects near the bear, bang on pots and yell.

If a bear is seen in an undeveloped area, calmly leave the area, walk away facing the bear, speak quietly and act passively.

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