MINNEAPOLIS — Investigators with the Minnesota State Patrol are seeking information about a semitrailer that may have been stopped on Interstate 94 Thursday, Nov. 12, prior to a chain-reaction crash involving 29 vehicles.

Witnesses indicate a semi with a white cab and white trailer was stopped on I-94 in the flow of traffic, according to a news release from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Witnesses also indicate the driver may have been clearing snow from the windshield. The semitrailer may have been stopped on I-94 near Wright County Road 18 in the traffic lane, according to the release.

The State Patrol says the nonemergency stop may have played a role in starting the chain of events in the crash.

Twenty-nine vehicles were involved in the crashes, and about half of the vehicles were semis. Several vehicles caught fire and nine people were taken by ambulance with what appeared to be minor injuries, according to the State Patrol on Thursday.

Those with information are asked to contact the Minnesota State Patrol St. Cloud District Office at 320-223-6666.