A GoFundMe is raising funds to support the family of a 17-year-old Two Harbors girl who hit a moose with her car earlier this week.

Amaya Nelson and her boyfriend Remington Delinger, 22, hit a moose in her car on Sunday. The fundraiser, which is seeking $15,000, will support her family as they take time off to care for her, as well as purchase supplies for her recovery, among other needs, according to the GoFundMe page.

Nelson and Delinger hit the moose on Forest Highway 11 in Bassett Township late Sunday night.

The front of the car only hit its legs because of the moose’s height, so the airbags didn’t deploy, according to the fundraising website. The moose then fell onto the car, crushing its roof.

While the full extent of Nelson’s injuries are not yet known, as of Wednesday she had “extensive” facial trauma. She has a fractured skull; a broken eye socket, palate and nose; and broken cheekbones and nasal cavities. Earlier this week, she underwent facial reconstruction surgery.

The protective lining of her brain was also damaged, and she may also need open brain surgery, the fundraising page reads.

Delinger received head, neck and arm injuries.

Funds raised will go to support her family, as well as buying a new car for Nelson.

“Before the surgery, Amaya was awake and in good spirits. Her positive and strong-hearted nature are still very much intact and, above all, she's grateful that she and her boyfriend are alive,” the fundraising page read.