St. Louis County

October marriage license applications

Justin Johnson, Duluth, and Emily Gormley, Duluth

Anna Korpi, Duluth, and Michael Appleton, Duluth

Jesse Prestidge, Duluth, and Tayler Engen, Duluth

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Jack Stephenson, Duluth, and Rebecca Deluce, Duluth

Jesse Heaton, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, and Risa Valentini, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota

Mikala Myran, Duluth, and Jon Chiaravalle, Duluth

Paul Kienitz, Ely, and Jani Jordan, Ely

Jacob Bernsdorf, Hermantown, and Adrianna Muellerleile, Hermantown

Kara Warren, Duluth, and McKenzie Klaas, Duluth

Joseph Howard, Duluth, and Barbara Westerberg, Duluth

Kyle Pipkorn, Superior, and Natalie Listemaa, Makinen

Eric Hagelee, Edina, Minnesota, and Gabrielle Morris, Edina, Minnesota

Erick Anderson, Superior, and Tara Mathews, Duluth

Jodi Gaul, Meadowlands, and Timothy Greer, Meadowlands

Karena Weber, Babbitt, and Dawnlarae Serena, Babbitt

David Stoks, Hoyt lakes, and Abigail Leskiw, Makinen

Trissany Kolquist, Saginaw, and Thomas Ladean, Saginaw

Casey Sopp, Virginia, and Anders Kolstad, Virginia

Jenna Naumann, Duluth, and Dylan Wyatt, Duluth

Huy Nguyen, Superior, and Kim Bui, Superior

Ryan Fitzsimmons, Askov, and Brooklynn Peterson, Askov

Annika Grady, Proctor, and Patrick Engelbrecht, Proctor

Jennifer Rosenthal, Blaine, Minnesota, and Christopher Berg, Duluth

Christopher Ahrens, Ely, and Kate Cowley, Ely

Jane Pederson, Duluth, and Michael Jandl, Duluth

Alexis Kozial, New Auburn, Wisconsin, and James Lawson, New Auburn, Wisconsin

Tyler Erickson, Esko, and Brianna Skaalerud, St. Stephen, Minnesota

Justin Nos, Bruno, Minnesota, and Amy Van Hecke, Hermantown

Drew Christensen, Two Harbors, and Hannah Prince, Two Harbors

Brenna Keough, Duluth, and Thomas Kerner, Chisholm

Courtney Juntunen, Virginia, and Jaban Weber, Virginia

Matthew Bentzinger, Coatesville, Indiana, and Jacquelyn Robinson, Coatesville, Indiana

Chelsea Mason, Mountain Iron, and Archie Winans, Mountain Iron

Thomas Meador, Ely and Taylor Debeltz, Ely

Jenna Darbo, Eveleth, and Jade Houser, Eveleth

Stephanie Clark, Virginia, and David Rivera, Virginia

Janel Dennie, Dallas, Texas, and John Cantu, Dallas, Texas

Zoe Meisinger, Duluth, and Kaleb Montgomery, Duluth

Elaine Ronan, Virginia, and Erik Carlson, Virginia

Chelsea Kirsh, Cloquet, and Cameron Anderson, Cloquet

Elizabeth Bischoff, Minneapolis, and Samuel Rosenbaum, Minneapolis

Joseph Ross, Hialeah, Florida, and Anne Beauchamp, Duluth

Claire Pierson, Duluth, and Boyd Hanson, Duluth

Cynthia Badger, Duluth, and Gene Walsh Sr., Superior

Jake Gangl, Hibbing, and Fianna Johnson, Hibbing

Kyle Hunstad, Saginaw, and Normalyn Dequito, Saginaw

Ian Harrison, Duluth, and Callie Bursch, Duluth

Paul Winterscheidt, Duluth, and Mikayla Lerette, Duluth

Brady Clavel, Yankton, South Dakota, and Jennifer Eveland, Yankton, South Dakota

Mariam Goenner, Buhl, and Donald Micklich, Buhl

Bikash Khanal, Duluth, an Kaitlin Box, Duluth

Hannah White, Chisholm, and Joseph Erickson, Chisholm

Emily Atwater, Duluth, and Sharale Hansen, Duluth

Nathan Benzel, Superior, and Kelsey Rozak, Superior

Mayson Longley, Duluth, and Allison Heitmiller, Duluth

Dylan Beckwell, Superior, and Jennifer Turner, Superior

Cody Kroening, Dresser, Wisconsin, and Kayla Karl, Dresser, Wisconsin

Jacob Larson, Anoka, Minnesota, and Keri Kotowicz, Anoka, Minnesota

Maxwell Tesdahl, Virginia, and Jade Vaida, Virginia

Amy Maloney, Virginia, and Kyle Maloney, Virginia

Nathan Abler, Duluth, and Samantha Adams, Duluth

Whitney Gabriel, Nashwauk, and Morgan Roy, Nashwauk

Dominique Leoni, Gilbert, and Eli Little, Gilbert

Jesse Simek, Kelsey, Minnesota, and Scott Simek, Kelsey, Minnesota

Jacob Juvland, Cokato, Minnesota, and Jessie Durfee, Duluth

Paul Johnson, Duluth, and Allison Socha, Duluth

Shawna Chiuppi, Duluth, and Maria De La Paz, Barbirotto, Duluth

Spencer Kerr, Buhl, and Amy Lakosky, Buhl

Joel Demaris, Babbitt, and Kristina Johnson, Babbitt

Bruce Lund, Hoyt Lakes and Catherine Ayers, Hoyt Lakes

Timothy Gotelaere Sr., Duluth, and Conna Shields, Duluth

John Kalafatidis, Chisholm, and Kaitlyn Kehoe, Chisholm

Jessica Tessmer, Duluth, and Thomas Miller, Duluth

Meighan Steigerwaldt, Duluth, and Eric Staggs, Duluth

Amanda Rusin, Duluth, and Cody Matsen, Duluth

Maiya Thompson, Chisholm, and Dustin Cornelius, Chisholm

Angela Engen, Duluth, and John Stratioti, Duluth

Logan Smart, Hibbing, and Sarah Mathis, Hibbing

Lance Kiminski, Mahtowa, and Cynthia Jaros, Mahtowa

Bryan Meyers, Duluth, and Connie Constantine, Solon Springs

Tawna Lillo, Duluth, and Jacob Atkinson, Duluth

Dissolutions of marriage

Corey Anderson, Duluth, and Kristy Anderson, Duluth

Shane Johnson, Duluth, and Sara Johnson, Duluth

Leah Shadle, Duluth, and Michael Wilsey, Duluth

Stacy Roberts, Duluth, and Christopher Roberts, Duluth

Hayley Spohn, Duluth, and Derrick Berry, Superior

Kelly Wietman, Cloquet, and Brandon Wietman, Hermantown

Dawn Christenson, Duluth, and Richard Christenson, Duluth

Diane Walker, Duluth, and John Walker, Roberts, Wisconsin

Ruth Meyer, Proctor, and Eric Meyer, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Mandy MacDonald, Duluth, and Michael MacDonald, Duluth

Amber Maki, Duluth, and Aaron Maki, Superior

Emily Spurgeon, Duluth, and Cass Spurgeon, Duluth

Ann Fleming, Duluth, and Christopher Fleming, Duluth

Isaac Summers, Duluth, and Lexus Summers, Seattle, Washington

Kay Kessey, Hermantown, and Robert Kessey, Davenport, Iowa

Candace Thompson, Alborn, and Michael Rundell, Brookston

David Uselman, Duluth, and Stephanie Uselman, Erhard, Minnesota

Alice Tibbetts, Duluth, and Michael Lynch, Fridley, Minnesota

Carrie Lundquist, Duluth, and Ryan Lundquist, Duluth

Eric Johnson, Brainerd, Minnesota, and Alexis Johnson, Duluth

Hanna Hinnenkamp, Duluth, and Mitchell Hinnenkamp, Duluth

Trisha Lindsay, Duluth, and Jarrod Lindsay, Cloquet

Edward Kall, Duluth, and Tracy Kall, Duluth

Derek VanSlyke, Duluth, and Amber VanSlyke, Duluth

Peggy Hansen, Duluth, and Daniel Lee, Hermantown

Jared Hancock, Eveleth, and Nichole Hancock, Eveleth

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.