News Tribune, June 4, 1980

  • The architect supervising construction of the new Carlton County Jail said yesterday he is investigating charges that the jail is being built improperly. Two former workers on the project have charged that the building is not level and that support beams are poorly secured.
  • A U.S. Fish and Wildlife official said yesterday larval sea lamprey were found in the St. Louis River last year for the first time. He said the river had been too polluted for lamprey to spawn before completion of Duluth's wastewater treatment plant in 1978.

News Tribune, June 4, 2000

  • Officials of Giants Ridge Golf & Ski Resort and the IRRRB are looking for new potential sites for construction of a second 18-hole golf course. The originally proposed site has been rejected because industrial waste and a small oil leak were found.
  • Millions of tent caterpillars emerged from their egg masses in Clover Valley and Lakewood Township this week and have begun devouring treetops. Experts say the last major invasion was in 1989, and this year is a warm-up for next year's major infestation.
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