News Tribune, March 2, 1980

  • Six members of the Duluth School Board met yesterday and reached consensus on a plan to desegregate city schools. The plan calls for a new magnet school in the Central Hillside and for the closing of Emerson, Jackson, Jefferson, and Lowell elementary schools.
  • The Duluth Ski Club is launching a campaign to build a 70-meter jumping hill in Duluth. A 70-meter hill at Fond du Lac was abandoned in 1974, making the 50-meter Big Chester at Chester Bowl the biggest hill in town.

News Tribune, March 2, 2000

  • The West Duluth Neighborhood Coalition voted yesterday to ask the City Council to hold off on any action that would allow construction of 28 townhouses at 67th Avenue West and West Gate Boulevard. Coalition members want a comprehensive development plan done for the 22-acre site.
  • Duluth Mayor Gary Doty yesterday asked state lawmakers for $5.5 million for construction of an $11 million recreation complex at Lake Superior College. The complex would feature a pool, basketball and volleyball courts, an elevated track, and outdoor tennis courts.

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