January marriage license applications

Gus Spragg, Platte City, Missouri, and Kristina Howell, Gilbert.

Mark Davey, Bolingbrook, Illinois, and Emma Lackman, Bessemer, Michigan.

Stephen Burt, Nashwauk, and Shannon Murray, Hibbing.

Amanda Lippincott, Hibbing, and Emilie Pulis, Hibbing.

April Boyd, McGregor, and Thomas Benjamin Jr., McGregor.

Donald Lewis, Ely, and Marcia Lewis, Ely.

Scott Mayry, Virginia, and Miranda Howard, Virginia.

Kassidy Matthews, Pengilly, and James Lewis, Pengilly.

Leland Lane, Meadowlands, and Nichole Valla, Meadowlands.

Travis Levanen, Kalispell, Montana, and Briana Nelson, Duluth.

Santana Knight, Duluth, and Kyle McDonald, Duluth.

Joshua Knapp, Hibbing, and Hannah Milani, Hibbing.

Shawn Seppala, Mountain Iron, and Lyric Patterson, Mountain Iron.

Yuezhou Wang, Eveleth, and Dongmei Lian, Eveleth.

Troy Carlson, Two Harbors, and Meghan Levanen, Duluth.

Jason Holznagel, Cloquet, and Amber Demenge-Miltakis, Cloquet.

Anthony Clafton, Grand Rapids, and Samantha Lindahl, Grand Rapids.

Antoinette Curran, Wawina, Wisconsin, and Jeff Mende, Wawina.

Rory Wohlstrom, Duluth, and Heather Tardy, Marble.

Johnathon Jenkins, Duluth, and Giselle Hernandez, Duluth.

Samantha Jackson, Duluth, and Skyler Hakala, Cromwell.

Matthew Johnson, Duluth, and Shanna Fitch, Duluth.

Jesse Ross, Hibbing, and Deanna Richards, Hibbing.

Kyle Walkowiak, Superior, and Amy Schweikert, Superior.

Clark Bartelt, Two Harbors, and Daisy Piocnacia, Two Harbors.

Thomas Becker, Hibbing, and Hailey Warzonek, Hibbing.

Stephen Mattila, Angora, and Emily Gustason, Angora.

Kari Barnhill, Hibbing, and Nathan Trask, Hibbing.

Joshua Graham, Duluth, and Kendra Schmidt, Duluth.

Andrea Bradach, Gilbert, and Lucian Whitney, Cook.

Jenna Anderson, Two Harbors, and James Kendall, Two Harbors.

Madeline Kvale, Duluth, and Itzamatul Amaro Paredes, Duluth.

Cody Baker, Duluth, and Kayla Gardinier, Duluth.

Larry Baker, Mountain Iron, and Natalia Sola', Maschwitz, Argentina.

Charles Schanlaub, Babbitt, and Jamie Posey, Babbitt.

Jeffrey Grossman, Duluth, and Cecily Campbell-Bezat, Duluth.

Roxanne Jenner, Aurora, and Daniel Jenner, Aurora.

Amadou Dia, Chisholm, and Oulimata Ka, Chisholm.

Ericka Parson, Duluth, and Daniel Boyum, Duluth.

Jenelle Castonguay, Duluth, and Scott Elliott, Duluth.

Brian Potter, Hibbing, and Lori Rice, Hibbing.

Dean Broten, Tower, and Brianna Hoheisel, Tower.

Christopher Bougalis, Hibbing, and Vanessa Lavalier, Hibbing.

Brian Schiller, Duluth, and Genevieve Alexander, Duluth.

Sarah Forness, Virginia, and Tracy Martin, Virginia.

Kyle Koziol, Chisholm, and Kaitlyn Kainz, Chisholm.

Cali Wauzynski, Hoyt Lakes, and Garrett Mirau, Hoyt Lakes.

Jennifer Luiten, Duluth, and Walter Bogart, Duluth.

Tessa Tome, Virginia, and Jared Overton, Virginia.

Breeanna Waliezer, Duluth, and Troy Tikka, Duluth.

Timothy Erickson, Hermantown, and January Swanstrom-Black, Hermantown.

Liliane Herrick, Saginaw, and Deryk Koivisto, Saginaw.

Christina Manson, Duluth, and Tyler Bruns, Duluth.

Ember Peterson, Proctor, and Joshua Myhre, Proctor.

Holly Heskin, Saginaw, and Lee Dobson, Saginaw.

Margo Baker, Cloquet, and Michael Moore Jr., Cloquet.

Tina Larocque, Duluth, and Jason Smith, Duluth.

Kailey Reddick, Biwabik, and Jason Lahti, Biwabik.

Derek Wetherell, St. Louis, Missouri, and Elyse Vesser, St. Louis.

Dissolutions of marriage

Anton T. Jimenez-Kloeckl, Duluth, and Danielle N. Jimenez, Duluth.

Amy L. Vittorio, Duluth, and Brian G. Vittorio, Duluth.

Denise M. Elliott, Duluth, and Mark C. Elliott, Duluth.

James A. Shogren, Duluth, and Angela J. Shogren, Bemidji.

Daniel J. Vanderscheuren, Brookston, and Mandy J. Vanderscheuren, Floodwood.

Douglas B. Deloyd, Duluth, and Renee L. Deloyd, Duluth.

Lisa A. Roulo, Duluth, and Sean W. Roulo, Duluth.

Benjamin K. Crawford, Duluth, and Grethell C. Crawford, Duluth.

Cynthia A. Hotchkiss, Cotton, and Richard Hotchkiss, Duluth.

Cade W. Ledingham, Duluth, and Summer E. Ledingham, Duluth.

Mindy L. Murtley, Proctor, and Scott G. Murtley, Duluth.

Bridget C. DeVaney, Duluth, and Ian C. Devaney, Duluth.

Kara L. Hall, Duluth, and Thomas A. Hall, Duluth.

Lester E. Lathrop III, Duluth, and Lavonne J. Moretto-Lathrop, Duluth.

Matthew J. Cuypers Jr., Duluth, and Cecilia A. Cuypers, Duluth.

Daniel A. LeFebvre, Superior, and Whitney S. LeFebvre, Duluth.

Brittney C. Nevins, Duluth, and Donny O. Nevins, Duluth.

Taryn L. Vavra Troolin, Duluth, and Michael S. Vavra, Duluth.

William J. Clayton, Grand Portage, and Corrie R. Ehrbright, Duluth.

Scott F. Anderson, Duluth, and Monica M. Anderson Schack, Duluth.

Naomi J. Comnick, Duluth, and Travis A. Comnick, Proctor.

Nicholas Cassel, Hermantown, and Taylor Hamlin, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Cassandra G. Williams, Saginaw, and Tedd Williams, Saginaw.

Judy A. Breuer, Duluth, and Joel W. Swan, Iron River.

Laurie A. Lally, Duluth, and Rand E. Lally, Duluth.

Kyle T. Parendo, Duluth, and Rachel M. Parendo, no city listed.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.