News Tribune, Feb. 5, 1980

  • A resolution of support for locating a space shuttle control center at the Duluth Air Force Base was passed by the DFL Central Committee this weekend. The resolution urges reconsideration of Duluth for the center, which the Air Force now plans to locate in Colorado.
  • Fewer visitors showed up at regional national parks and monuments in 1979, apparently because of last summer's gas shortage and price increases. The drop in visitors appears to reaffirm the impact the energy situation had on the tourist industry.

News Tribune, Feb. 5, 2000

  • Some residents of the area around Duluth East High School are tiring of students smoking, littering, and drag racing in the Congdon Park neighborhood. They hope school officials will end the practice of allowing students out of the building during breaks and lunch hours.
  • The judge in the Donald Blom kidnap-murder case yesterday released security photos that show a man closely resembling Blom apparently forcing Katie Poirier out of the Moose Lake convenience store where she worked. Blom's pretrial hearing is expected to continue for several more days.

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