News Tribune, Dec. 14, 1979

  • Duluth Mayor Robert Beaudin yesterday asked city councilors to request a federal study on the impact of the planned Hermantown Ridgewood Mall on Duluth's downtown. Beaudin said the mall could have serious adverse environmental, social, and economic effects on the city.
  • A plan for a $1.2 million open-heart surgery center at St. Mary's Hospital in Duluth has been rejected by the Minnesota Health Department. The agency challenged the hospital's estimated patient demand and concluded the program would operate at a loss.

News Tribune, Dec. 14, 1999

  • Some St. Louis County union employees plan to address the County Board today to ask the county to settle employee contracts by Dec. 31. Three of the county's 11 bargaining units filed for mediation Nov. 16 and could strike after their contracts expire.
  • A group of residents is working to revitalize a stretch of West Third Street in Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood. The group, Neighbors With Hope, has targeted a 13-block section from the ore docks to roughly the foot of Piedmont Avenue.

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