The city of Duluth's plows have cleared 90% of residential streets as of 3 p.m. Tuesday and plowed all of the main roads.

The city prioritized clearing snow from main roads before starting on residential streets. But some streets may not be cleared yet as vehicles parked along roads inhibit plows from passing through. The city expects to plow these streets by Wednesday morning, according to a news release from the city.

The city urges people to move vehicles to the odd side of the street if that street has been plowed, as well as to make an effort to move vehicles buried in snow in a reasonable amount of time — otherwise enforcement will take place.

Plows will start clearing alleys Wednesday.

After having to pull four graders from the streets due to mechanical issues, the city has 21 of its 22 graders on the streets as of Tuesday morning, a release stated. Plows, front-end loaders and nine sanding trucks are also working to improve road conditions.

The St. Louis County Public Works Department has plowed all of its public roads as of Monday.

County crews will continue improving road conditions throughout the week, including further clearing paved roads, pushing snow back at intersections to improve visibility and plowing private driveways for residents who have service contracts with the county, said Dana Kazel, the county's communications manager.

Of the 3,000 miles of roads the county maintains, Kazel said about half are gravel and the other half are paved.

"In this instance, because both storms were closer to Duluth, those are the paved roads by and large," Kazel said. "The gravel is farther north so those aren't impacted as much. "