News Tribune, Dec. 4, 1979

  • Reserve Mining Co. has laid off 178 workers while it completes construction on facilities needed for its on-land taconite tailings disposal system. Reserve expects to stop dumping taconite tailings into Lake Superior in April and start dumping them at the Milepost 7 site.
  • Superior's truck parking lot on the Incan Marine Co. dock was pronounced a success yesterday at a Superior Harbor Commission meeting. The lot is designed to relieve city streets of the hundreds of grain trucks waiting to unload at the elevators.

News Tribune, Dec. 4, 1999

  • The judge presiding over the Donald Blom murder-kidnapping case yesterday approved up to $25,000 of Carlton County money for expert witnesses for the defense. The money will go toward employing witnesses, forensic anthropology, photography, and testing of DNA.
  • Local leaders interested in resuming Amtrak passenger service between Duluth and the Twin Cities will meet next week in Duluth. They will study ways to make the former passenger rail route viable once again and then present their conclusions to the Minnesota Legislature.

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