News Tribune, Dec. 3, 1979

  • A rent strike and eviction notices at the Highland Mobile Home Park are the topics of a court hearing this week. Residents of the park have complained of bad streets, frozen water pipes, poor electrical connections, and, most recently, a rent increase.
  • Esko teachers and School District 99 will hold a mediation session this week in an attempt to agree on a new contract. The two groups, which have met 13 times since Nov. 8, say contract language and salaries are the main issues.

News Tribune, Dec. 3, 1999

  • The West Skyline Planning and Preservation Alliance is petitioning to name 2,000 acres of woods around Spirit Mountain the Willard Munger Memorial Forest. The action is also intended to block the planned development of a championship golf course and lodge in the area.
  • Building the McQuade Road safe harbor and public boat access will require moving Scenic Highway 61, according to an environmental assessment worksheet. The highway would be moved inland 60 to 100 feet, and McQuade Road would be moved east of the project.

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