News Tribune, Nov. 27, 1979

  • Yesterday was the first official day of operation for a new grain truck parking facility in Superior, but no trucks showed up. The lot is intended to relieve city streets of hundreds of idling trucks waiting to unload their grain at Superior elevators.
  • Longshoremen in Duluth are refusing to load barley onto the Greek ship Khian Island because of rumors it is headed to Iran. The longshoremen's union is refusing to load ships bound for Iran as long as Americans are being held hostage in the Tehran embassy.

News Tribune, Nov. 27, 1999

  • There is little snow and only 11 mushers are entered in the 2000 John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, but race officials aren't too concerned. With the race starting in February instead of January, the course will have an extra three weeks to accumulate a solid snow base.
  • This week marks the start of the second Bridge to Health Survey, an effort to collect health and lifestyle information from Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin residents. More than 7,000 adults across 16 counties will be asked questions about health-related behaviors.

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