October marriage license applications

Mario Shinaway, Miami, Okla., and Patricia Cook, Miami.

Jeris Gellatly, Hermantown, and Beau Boyat, Hermantown.

Alycen Lundberg, Urbana, Ill., and Benjamin Ford, Urbana.

Bryan Bauers, Duluth, and Lindsey Ford, Duluth.

Sylvia Frazier, Duluth, and Kyle Blomstrand, Duluth.

Shawna Shykes, Duluth, and John Fisk Jr., Duluth.

Jacob Burns, Apple Valley, Minn., and Melissa Porter, Temecula, Calif.

Joseph Schmitt, White Bear Lake, Minn., and Sarah Guritz, Gilbert.

Timothy Klund, Duluth, and Sua Xiong, Duluth.

Nikki Holt, Superior, and Tyler Christiansen, Saginaw.

Meryl Swanson, Duluth, and Simeon Newton, Lawton, Okla.

Anthony Layman, Duluth, and Lacey Richards, Duluth.

Beth Haugen, Superior, and Jason Graham, Superior.

Julie Klein, Meadowlands, and David Turner, Meadowlands.

Julie Gehlen, Superior, and Joel Vena, Superior.

Samantha Craigmile, Duluth, and Joshua Adolfs, Duluth.

Valeree Hartel, Culver, and Alexander Lamb, Culver.

Kala Shepersky, Duluth, and Sean Kihlstadius, Duluth.

Robert Carlson, Duluth, and Roseann McCann, Duluth.

Cassandra Nelson, Duluth, and Cole Myrdal, Duluth.

Cole Neubert, Hermantown, and Karlie Ray, Duluth.

Nickolas Thunstrom, Coon Rapids, Minn., and Bethanie Borg, Hermantown.

Lance Hendrickson, Cokato, Minn., and Tana Johnston, Two Harbors.

Andrea Unverzagt, Duluth, and William Stafford, Duluth.

Benjamin Moonen, Duluth, and Meghan Walker, Duluth.

Joseph Arbour, Superior, and Angela Gauvin, Superior.

Rita Moe, Duluth, and Gary Bekkala, Duluth.

Russell Souders III, Oreland, Pa., and Katrina Korman, Oreland.

Andre Letendre, Superior, and Michael Wilcox, Superior.

Bailey Sutherland, Duluth, and Jedediah Jansen, Long Prairie, Minn.

Whitney Pilger, Madison, Wis., and David Simons, Madison.

Madeline Conklin, Duluth, and Anthony Evans, Duluth.

Andrea Schroeder, Moorhead, Minn., and Ryan Limb, West Fargo, N.D.

Jordan Hoeft, Hermantown, and Riley Leone, Hermantown.

Joshua Blankenheim, Duluth, and Larissa Jensen, Duluth.

Andrea Reppe, Duluth, and Jacob Newland, Duluth.

Brock Lind, Duluth, and Amber Janson, Hermantown.

Breelynn Lein, Duluth, and Jesse Frischmann, Duluth.

Rebecca Smith-Heshley, Hermantown, and Nicholas Hoy, Hermantown.

Brittany Hester, Duluth, and Paul Ware, Duluth.

Nathaniel Maddy, Hermantown, and Lillian Biskey, Hermantown.

Erick Fronden, Saginaw, and Jennifer McDonald, Saginaw.

Trenton Pray, Apple Valley, Minn., and Serenity Mahoney, Duluth.

Michael Doke, Kingwood, Texas, and Donna Cryar, Kingwood.

Jesse Kilpela, Duluth, and Valerie Richards, Duluth.

Jessica Johnston, Duluth, and Paul Lajeunesse, Duluth.

Tara Fredericksen, Duluth, and Thomas Crane IV, Duluth.

Tessa Olson, Duluth, and Alonzo Yarbrough, Duluth.

Dissolutions of marriage

Lacy R. Riggs, Duluth, and Justin J. Beck Riggs, Leavenworth, Kan.

Cayla J. Bellanger DeGroat, confidential address, and Erick S. Olson, Duluth.

Heather J. Buchholz, Duluth, and Matthew T. Leibfried, Duluth.

Jamie L. Nixon, confidential address, and Goitom A. Herhane, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Tawnya Knoepfler, Duluth, and Robert Knoepfler, Duluth.

Jesse D. Frye, Duluth, and Hollyanne J. Nihart-Frye, Duluth.

Cynthia J. DeRoche, Duluth, and Brian DeRoche, Duluth.

Gregory J. Barlage, Duluth, and Louisa M. Barlage, Duluth.

Amber L. Carlson, Hermantown, and Jad A. Carlson, Hermantown.

Kristen B. Pollard, Duluth, and Bryn J. Pollard, Proctor.

Michael Steel, Duluth, and Griffin Steel, Moose Lake.

Cheryl A. Lagergren, no city listed, and Jason J. Lagergren, Duluth.

Keith H. Kyrola, Duluth, and Cassandra J. Kyrola, Duluth.

Debora L. Malzac, Saginaw, and Roger M. Malzac. Twig.

Amy M. Richter, Duluth, and David J. Richter, Ely.

Sarah K. Bustrom, Duluth, and Kirk T. Bustrom, Benson, Minn.

Amy Giddings, Duluth, and Jason Giddings, Duluth.

Carrie A. Duncan, Duluth, and Lewis D. Duncan, Duluth.

Josey W. Erickson, Duluth, and Derek T. Erickson, Minneapolis.

Jill E. Siegle, Duluth, and Neil A. Siegle, Duluth.

Jody L. Jensen, Duluth, and Bruce A. Jensen, Duluth.

Leslie L. Pincombe, Duluth, and Lisa J. Pincombe, Duluth.

Amanda R. West, Duluth, and George T. West Jr., Duluth.

Anna M. Peterson, Saginaw, and William R. Peterson, Duluth.

Anna A. Gybina, Duluth, and Ryan L. Leege, St. Paul.

Lynnette B. Reynolds, Duluth, and Jason T. Reynolds, Duluth.

Amanda R. Gellatly, Duluth, and Bradley D. Gellatly, Duluth.

Bryan J. Ries, Duluth, and Kari A. Ries, Proctor.

Cynthia A. Lennartson, Duluth, and Ryan S. Lennartson, Duluth.

Jeffrey L. Ehlenbach, Duluth, and Cheryl A. Ehlenbach, Proctor.

Heidi M. St. John, no city listed, and Michael A. St. John, Duluth.

Joseph C. Kalenowski, Hermantown, and Stefanie L. Kalenowski, Hermantown.

Michael W. Lathrop, Duluth, and Tessa Lathrop, Duluth.

Georgia L. Robillard, Duluth, and Gordon H. Robillard, Duluth.

Amy M. Paddock, Duluth, and David W. Paddock, Duluth.

Tammy H. Nichols, Hermantown, and Matthew J. Nichols, Duluth.

Randy P. Krause, Duluth, and Lezli R. Krause, Lake Elmo, Minn.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.