News Tribune, Oct. 19, 1979

  • The author of a state study of potential copper-nickel mining in Minnesota has suggested western Duluth as the possible site for a smelter. Jerome Marks of the Seaway Port Authority yesterday said the proposed smelter could be built on the U.S. Steel site in Morgan Park.
  • The Duluth Police Department plans to purchase four compact cars to see how much gasoline they could save. Police officials are proposing the purchase of a Volkswagen Rabbit, a General Motors Omega, a Plymouth Horizon or Dodge Omni, and another small GM vehicle.

News Tribune, Oct. 19, 1999

  • More than 400 new high-tech jobs are expected on the Iron Range following yesterday's IRRRB approval of a $3.5 million financial incentives package for Sykes Realty Inc., an information technology company. Under the agreement, Sykes has up to a year to begin construction.
  • Hermantown Mayor Dan Urshan wants a referendum on a half-cent sales tax placed on the November 2000 ballot. Urshan would use the money to pay for a new community center, a new city hall, a public works facility, and other projects.

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