News Tribune, Sept. 26, 1979

  • The strike of Duluth-Superior grain millers is over. Grain shipments, paralyzed for nearly twelve weeks by the strike of about 550 millers, resume today in the Twin Ports for the approximately 10 weeks remaining of the normal shipping season.
  • Frustrated rock music fans, turned away from a sold-out concert last night at the Duluth Arena, kicked in several glass doors on the building, according to Duluth police. Up to 1,000 people were turned away from the Van Halen concert, which drew 7,000 people.

News Tribune, Sept. 26, 1999

  • Negotiators for the Duluth Federation of Teachers are meeting with school district officials to try to reach agreement on a new contract. Teachers are asking for a 10.25 percent wage increase along with smaller class sizes and more class preparation time.
  • Some Superior residents are protesting the city's denial of claims for damage to their homes from a July 25 storm. A total of 54 residents filed claims for thousands of dollars in damages from flooded basements and sewer backups.

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