August marriage license applications

Whitney Love, Meadowlands, and Ryan Bernsdorf, Meadowlands.

Haley Mickle, Iron, and Joseph Hamble, Iron.

Dale Lauseng, Virginia, and Madalena Deleon, Virginia.

Jayson Honer, Andover, Minn., and Emily Bainbridge, Andover.

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Stephanie Golden, Duluth, and Jason Barsness, Duluth.

Stefan Pease, Wrenshall, and Delaney Coy, Esko.

Luke Strub, Virginia, and Cherall Mann, Virginia.

Nathan Schroeder, Two Harbors, and Miranda Bussler, Two Harbors.

Bennett Boerger, Biwabik, and Annette Johnson, Biwabik.

Shawn Flaten, Duluth, and Megan Larue, Duluth.

Anthony Smith, Duluth, and Samantha Beatty, Duluth.

Robert Jenson, Estes Park, Colo., and Anna Surprenant, Estes Park.

Matthew Jussila, Floodwood, and Sabrina Herrick, Floodwood.

Aaron Newberry, Duluth, and Briana Roberts, Duluth.

Justin Holte, Saginaw, and Rebecca McKenzie, Saginaw.

Justin Johnson, Superior, and Karen Moore, Superior.

Leah Horcher, Minneapolis, and Jordan Backstrom, Minneapolis.

Joseph Vonrueden, Duluth, and Naomi Swanson, Duluth.

Arieana Sullivan, Hibbing, and Tage Ross, Hibbing.

Karly Millen, Eveleth, and Tristan Finley, Eveleth.

Megan Van Aartsen, Grand Rapids, Mich., and Patrick Gagne, Grand Rapids.

Lucas Migliazza, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and Amanda Johnson, Thunder Bay.

Dylan Scherer, Embarrass, and Jaden Lislegard, Embarrass.

Stacy Oberstar, Gilbert, and Jonathan Bernard, Iron.

Douglas Coda, Duluth, and Michelle Crist, Duluth.

Lauren Schultz, Chanhassen, Minn., and Hayden Creese, Bloomington, Minn.

Sarah Lung, Aurora, and Jonathen Lincoln, Aurora.

Randall Blaum, San Diego, and Robert Coddington, San Diego.

Ashley Alto, Chisholm, and Niko Sarazine, Chisholm.

Jordan Myles, Floodwood, and Danielle Jakubek, Floodwood.

Karissa Gustafson, Duluth, and Dustin Rian, Duluth.

Danielle Patterson, Duluth, and Jade Lecocq, Duluth.

Kenneth Roland Jr., Duluth, and Cherise Payton, Duluth.

Jonathan Moreno, Superior, and Jessica McGowan, Superior.

Tashanna Brooks, Superior, and Briana Devost, Superior.

Marissa Thomas, Aurora, and Jakob Mattson, Aurora.

Jesse Keuten, Duluth, and Cristy Vos, Duluth.

Anne Robenhorst, St. Paul, and Jonathan Nelson, St. Paul.

Morgan Lee, Daphne, Ala., and Sylvan Parham, Daphne.

Haley Zinmer, Maple, and Jaan Lintula, Maple.

Denise Strope, Eveleth, and Arthur Desautell, Eveleth.

Jacqueline Tash, Virginia, and Bruce Eddy, Virginia.

Madeline Bear, Duluth, and Samuel Karns, Duluth.

Elizabeth Cichosz, Savage, Minn., and Wade Miller, Savage.

Brittany McKinney, Duluth, and Shandale Jones, Duluth.

Erika Maki, Eveleth, and John Stavenger, Eveleth.

Wyatt Kopman, Bryant, S.D., and Leanna Long, Duluth.

Lydia Walker, Duluth, and Joseph Thoennes, Duluth.

Alex Stalker, Duluth, and Jessica Katzner, Duluth.

Darren Hanson, Duluth, and Stephanie Amberg, Duluth.

Tedd McCue, Eveleth, and Kelly Dahl, Eveleth.

Joseph Radtke, Hibbing, and Alyssa Olson, Hibbing.

Tyler Johnson, Aberdeen, S.D., and Samantha Fontenelle, Aberdeen.

Haley Hedstrom, Proctor, and Alexander Cope, Proctor.

Rebecca Julien, Hermantown, and Elmer Towner, Hermantown.

Michelle Sternberg, Superior, and Jake Carter, Superior.

David Tedman, Mountain Iron, and Harmony Maki, Mountain Iron.

William Rouleau, Duluth, and Kathryn Lafrance, Saginaw.

Danet Towle, Duluth, and Nicholas Carey, Duluth.

Laura Overvold, Duluth, and Taylor Minelli, Duluth.

Richard Roback II, Duluth, and Susan Lafave, Duluth.

Lindsay Enich, Hibbing, and Ian Kritz, Duluth.

Carly Holm, Cloquet, and Nicholas Cosgriff, Cloquet.

Jason Jacobson, Duluth, and Josh Miller, Duluth.

Michael Shoff, Duluth, and Kayla O'Connell, Duluth.

Jaron Larson, Duluth, and Emilia Dakovic, Duluth.

Thomas Starkey, Duluth, and Gloria Walters, Duluth.

Jayde Kaeter, Hoyt Lakes, and Brian Radtke, Hoyt Lakes.

Allison O'Connell, Washington, D.C., and Steven Fitzgerald, Washington, D.C.

Hailey Johnson, Duluth, and Bradon Nash, Duluth.

Matthew Dodd, Duluth, and Elizabeth Segovia Somocurcio, Lima, Peru.

Jacki Bregier, Ely, and Jay Poshak, Ely.

Cecelia Schnepp, Duluth, and Christopher Brenaman, Duluth.

Kristen Peterson, Babbitt, and Shawn McCarty, Babbitt.

Devin Mousseau, Hibbing, and Joshua Carter, Hibbing.

Alena Johnson, Eveleth, and Michael Yukich, Eveleth.

Calla Johnson, Duluth, and Kenneth Gilbertson, Duluth.

Douglass Mayfield, Two Harbors, and Cassondra Galo, Duluth.

Coralee Thilges, Duluth, and Zachary Nelson, Duluth.

Lexus Lustila, Hibbing, and Natalie Lewis, Hibbing.

Zachary Babcock, Duluth, and Ashley Peters, Duluth.

Julia Morales, Duluth, and Marshall Hujanen, Duluth.

Heather Bashaw, Duluth, and Eric Stolan, Duluth.

Josiah Stano, Duluth, and Michaela Strom, Duluth.

Alexandra Dosh, Duluth, and Shaun Drost, Duluth.

Brandon Dietz, Duluth, and Miranda Utter, Duluth.

Shayna Adrian, Hermantown, and Brian Gilchrist, Hermantown.

Isaiah Johnson, Hibbing, and Grace Johnston, Floodwood.

Kaylie Knase, Duluth, and John Jesperson, Duluth.

Maddison Bonneville, Superior, and Anthony Bouchard, Superior.

Jon McCoy, Duluth, and Ineke Grounds, Duluth.

James Richards, Duluth, and Anastasia Pitzen, Duluth.

Christopher Lawrence, Hibbing, and Deanna Johnson, Hibbing.

Jenny Grignon, Duluth, and Paul Myers, Duluth.

Rachel Reich, Ash Grove, Mo., and Dylan Graef, Ash Grove.

Erin Benshoof, Steele, N.D., and Chase Dewitz, Steele.

Rebekah Saugen, Minneapolis, and Forrest Murphy, Minneapolis.

Joshua Muhich, Duluth, and Megan Carlson, Duluth.

Jennifer Critchley, Duluth, and Darrell Lapcinski, Prescott, Wis.

Tessa Wright, Nashwauk, and Tanner Bong, Nashwauk.

Tammara Davis, Duluth, and Corean Lindsey, Duluth.

Ashley Vork, Gilbert, and Jason Kotnik, Gilbert.

Meagan Lantz, Duluth, and Paul Vartmann, Duluth.

Eric Gangelhoff, Duluth, and Lindsey Willemarck, Duluth.

Frederick Berg, Virginia, and Kristen Carlsen, Virginia.

Elena Bantle, Duluth, and Mary Cowen, Duluth.

Savannah Haley, Cloquet, and Randall Jugasek, Wrenshall.

Robert Gray Jr., Jacksonville, N.C., and Abigail Michelizzi, Duluth.

Jonathan Hanson, Cadott, Wis., and Julianna Durfee, Duluth.

Catherine Marjan, Duluth, and Frederic Manke, Duluth.

Teddy Lavigne, Hibbing, and Sarah Allison, Hibbing.

Delton Misquadace, Duluth, and Dawn Newton, Duluth.

Tyler Theisen, Duluth, and Cassandra Ortberg, Duluth.

Bailey Reese, Hermantown, and Cody Fellbaum, Hermantown.

Maria Stevens, Virginia, and Brent Brownell, Virginia.

Kristina Radtke, Duluth, and Ross Jaeger, Duluth.

Roy Grotberg, Hibbing, and Alyssa Labarge, Hibbing.

Newland Hambrick, Aurora, and Justina Bennett, Aurora.

Carrie Heikkila, Saginaw, and Melinda Olander, Saginaw.

Jordan Muhvich, Ely, and Bryan Rusco, Ely.

John Paulouski, Hermantown, and Cheyenne Horien, Hermantown.

Sonni Wiken, Duluth, and James Peterson, Duluth.

Brianna Ayers, Hoyt Lakes, and Tristin Austin, Hoyt Lakes.

Nicole Zierden, Duluth, and Kristina Poverud, Duluth.

David Rosa, Duluth, and Apinyada Nualphanao, Phimai, Thailand.

Steven Finstad, Duluth, and Andrea Crahan, Duluth.

Eric Thayer, Duluth, and Chelsie Brown, Duluth.

Tanya Johnson, Gilbert, and Thomas Smith, Gilbert.

Jason Lindelof, Duluth, and Kate Wiens, Duluth.

Daniel Knezovich, Duluth, and Barbara Nelson, Duluth.

Hope Liesener, Chisholm, and John Rupp, Chisholm.

Samantha Olson, Duluth, and Kristi Beaver, Duluth.

Karver Popovich, Duluth, and Kristen Sherlock, Duluth.

Derak Gergen, Duluth, and Cassandra Gilberg, Duluth.

Klarissa Karel, Gilbert, and Justin Sauter, Gilbert.

Amy Nelson, Duluth, and Matthew Scanlon, Duluth.

Christopher Schally, Babbitt, and Michelle Houghton, Babbitt.

Nathan Kotlarz, Grand Marais, and Parinda Phumipraphat, Grand Marais.

Kaley Considine, Duluth, and Adam Beeman, Duluth.

Abiola Agunbiade, Duluth, and Ayla Rosenlund, Duluth.

Tessa Busswitz, Walnut Grove, Minn., and Wyatt Cooper, Walnut Grove.

Brian Clement, Duluth, and Katlin Koskela, Duluth.

Bradley Matich, Tower, and Shannon Haupt, Tower.

Nicole Mast, Hibbing, and Corey Mills, Hibbing.

Christopher Johnson-Fuller, Brookston, and Bethany Kern, Brookston.

Peter Spears, Duluth, and Anne Toriseva, Brainerd.

Tanya Nielsen, Hibbing, and Brent Hoyt, Hibbing.

Brian Bergquist, Superior, and Karen Thorstensen, Hermantown.

Megan Rempkowski, Duluth, and Robert Kleiman, Duluth.

Evelyn Boyd, Duluth, and Richard Chida, Duluth.

Michael Fitzpatrick, Virginia, and Jessica Axelson, Virginia.

Andra Mattson, Duluth, and Ronald Malecki II, Superior.

Connor Perry, Hibbing, and Elizabeth Andrican, Hibbing.

Kaila Furch, Biwabik, and Anthony Ankley, Biwabik.

Kelsey Lindstrom, Alexandria, La., and Dillion Muse, Alexandria.

Gary Houdek, Duluth, and Larry Kraft, Duluth.

Alexander Cox, Eau Claire, Wis., and Mariah Carroll, Spooner.

Barbara Mulenburg, Chisholm, and Jonathan White, Chisholm.

Amy Anderson, Superior, and Henry Miosek, Superior.

Patricia Benedict, Santa Maria, Calif., and John Humann, Santa Maria.

Bradley Pervenanze, Chisholm, and Kelsey Goroni, Chisholm.

Gregory Anderson, Hibbing, and Ewa Jakubowski, Bayonne, N.J.

Angela Born, Chicago, and Matthew Peckham, Chicago.

Conrad Meints, Duluth, and Anna Colline, Duluth.

Mallorymarie Hill, Duluth, and Joseph Plinski, Duluth.

Ashley McEachern, Sunnyvale, Calif., and Nicholas Buchanan, Sunnyvale.

Samuel Plys, Superior, and Nikki Logergren, Superior.

Timothy Woden, Duluth, and Denise Eskeli-Hill, Duluth.

Sydney Perrett, Superior, and Keith Zunker, Superior.

Hannah Salk, St. Joseph, Minn., and Jesse Elsenpeter, Duluth.

Grace Parikh, Houghton, Mich., and Daniel Jamison, Duluth.

Kellie Alaspa, Cloquet, and Tyler Kaspari, Cloquet.

Ryan Dinesen, Calgary, Canada, and Tenika Arora, Calgary.

Timothy Zuk, Sturgeon Lake, and Ashley Gibson, Sturgeon Lake.

Bryce Beckstrom, Alborn, and Maryann Myhre, Alborn.

Corey Nelson, Chisholm, and Lisa Hart, Chisholm.

Brekke Hudelson, Hibbing, and Erik Johnsrud, Hibbing.

Dissolutions of marriage

Michelle A. Oliver, Duluth, and Seth S. J. Oliver, New York.

Kristina M. Solon-Boe, Duluth, and David S. Boe, no city listed.

Julie A. Gehlen, Duluth, and David C. Gehlen, no city listed.

Skyler J. Mclean, no city listed, and Brianna J. Mclean, Two Harbors.

Shannon M. Bailey, Duluth, and Michael B. Bailey, Hermantown.

Sarah M. Johnson, Duluth, and Justin S. Johnson, Bovey.

Rebekah A. Nick, Duluth, and James A. Nick, Northfield, Minn.

Carolyn Keturi, Duluth, and Christopher A. Keturi, Duluth.

Amy L. Johnson, Duluth, and Michael L. Johnson, Duluth.

Amanda L. Johnson, Duluth, and Aaron J. Reichow, Duluth.

Randolph S. Shepherd, Duluth, and Rochelle W. Shepherd, Moose Lake.

Edward G. Heisler, Duluth, and Jennifer A. Heisler, Duluth.

Timmy Norton, Chisholm, and Penny M. Wietman-Norton, Duluth.

Greggory Freeman, Duluth, and Sabrina R. Freeman, Proctor.

Elle R. Huska, Duluth, and Michael J. Huska Jr., Duluth.

Elizabeth M. Baltich, Duluth, and Bernard P. Baltich, Ely.

Aaron T. Albertson, Hermantown, and Erica A. Albertson, Hermantown.

Haley M. Miller, Brookston, and Stephen R. Miller, Brookston.

Heather D. Stainus, Duluth, and Richard D. Stanius, Duluth.

Steven A. Gavitt, Duluth, and Edward J. Moody, Duluth.

Jennifer R. Farrell, Hermantown, and James W. Farrell, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.