A 68-year-old Grand Rapids pilot was injured after he made an emergency landing near the Grand Rapids Itasca County Airport Wednesday.

The man was flying a single-engine Stinson airplane, on floats, when it lost all engine power shortly after take off, according to the Grand Rapids Police Department. He then landed the plane on a grassy area within the nearby Grand Rapids Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant property, police said. at 1:38 p.m.,

As he was landing, a wing contacted the ground, which severely damaged the aircraft, police said. The pilot, the only person in the plane, was taken to the hospital with "non-life threatening injuries."

“The pilot did an excellent job in a situation in which he had no other options. No other lives were endangered,” Grand Rapids Police Chief Scott Johnson said in a news release.. “We have been in contact with the (Federal Aviation Administration) and they will conduct an investigation of the incident.”

The Grand Rapids Police Department, Grand Rapids Fire Department, Itasca County Sheriff’s Department and Meds-1 Ambulance Service respond to the emergency landing.