Duluth Property Transactions

May 16-22

928 E. 13th St., Maxwell A. and Kelsey M. Keener purchased from Evan A. and Heather A. Peterson for $200,000, residential, 3/19.

1611 N. 43rd Ave. E., Heidi S. and Donald G. Bringman Jr. purchased from Katie J. and Brian J. Sorensen for $275,000, residential, 3/19.

812 N. 61st Ave. W., Justin D. Davis purchased from Bradley Ingersoll for $273,025, residential, 4/19.

901 Anderson Road, Thomas and Chizoba Jovanovich purchased from Amanda and Ashley Mathiason for $272,000, residential, 3/19.

907 E. Eighth St., Clayton Notgrass purchased from ACM Properties LLC for $129,250, residential, 4/19.

2352 Ensign St., Darrin and Jodi Nelson purchased from Bruce D. and Marcia Nielsen for $77,000, residential, 4/19.

20 W. Fifth St., Duluth Economic Development Authority purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $10,000, exempt from property tax, 1/19.

3915 W. Fifth St., Jolynn Johnson and Jaime Cunningham purchased from Mikosa Redetzke for $134,500, residential, 3/19.

833 Kenwood Ave., Joseph and Susan Dusek purchased from trustee of R. Patrick for $225,000, residential, 3/19.

5212 London Road, Michael and Sandra Cox purchased from Charles R. Hall trust agreement for $475,000, residential, 3/19.

9239 Meadow St., Kylee Borash purchased from Nathan A. and Erika J. Field for $139,000, residential, 3/19.

2834 Palisade Drive, Jake Casareto and Catherine Coleman purchased from James and Mary Nelson for $308,000, residential, 3/19.

2909 Piedmont Ave., Tatiana M. and Patricia A. Alberg purchased from Native Shelters Inc. for $151,500, residential, 3/19.

4808 Pitt St., Sara J. Schultz purchased from Christopher Walker and Kathey Evans for $153,500, residential, 3/19.

802 Ridgewood Road, Krisa Keute purchased from Peter and Tina Mayer for $490,000, residential, 4/19.

2127 E. Second St., Hallie Olson and Brian Merkel purchased from Dana K. and Elise Lindaman for $320,000, residential, 3/19.

2819 W. Sixth St., Caleb Palmer and Madelynn Lozinski purchased from Amanda L. Olson for $100,000, residential, 4/19.

1018 E. Third St., Sarah T. Guritz purchased from DRP RE Investments LLC for $239,900, apartment, 4/19.

2701 Triggs Ave., Jeremy P. and Debra L. Leubner purchased from Lee C. and Lauren A. Winters for $269,000, residential, 4/19.