May 17, 1979

Three Duluth city councilors said yesterday they hope the Miller Trunk Highway building moratorium will be lifted by the end of the year. The moratorium was enacted nearly two years ago to give the city time to draft a zoning ordinance for the area.

Overseas shipping, led by grain exports, is off to a fast start in the Twin Ports this year. Total overseas shipping tonnage through May 1 of this year is 187,282 tons, about 64 percent ahead of the same date last season.

May 17, 1999

A Minnesota Legislature conference committee yesterday approved a $50 million subsidy critical for Minnesota Iron & Steel's plans to build a steel-making facility near Nashwauk. Backers say the subsidy will help them land $800 million in bank loans for the billion-dollar project.

Officials of Stowe School in Gary New-Duluth tomorrow will accept a check that will help pay for new equipment to create Duluth's first alternative-energy curriculum. Next fall, students will start learning hands-on about solar power, wind power, and other alternatives.

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