May 15, 1979

At a special meeting last night in the Chinese Lantern, Duluth city councilors discussed increasing the out-of-town meal allowance for themselves and city employees. Councilors on out-of-town business now may be reimbursed for meals at the rate of $15 a day.

Gov. Al Quie and legislators yesterday reached a tentative agreement to advance $449,000 to bail out the financially troubled Arrowhead Regional Development Agency. Today, Quie will ask the state Executive Council for an emergency $25,000 to pay the agency's employees.

May 15, 1999

Minnesota legislators yesterday reached a compromise on the state economic development budget that includes $450,000 to help market software businesses and train workers for the Duluth Technology Village. Duluth Mayor Gary Doty said the money is critical for providing high-tech employers with skilled workers.

On May 23, Duluth native David Wheat will speak at a fund-raiser for the new Depot veterans' memorial, sharing stories from his six years in a North Vietnamese prison. The retired Navy commander's jet was shot down over North Vietnam in 1965.

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