April 19, 1979

Duluth School Board member Richard Braun has pulled his three daughters out of the public schools. Among the reasons Braun and his wife cited yesterday were lack of discipline, large classes, and feelings of frustration on the parts of the children.

Only two alternate jurors remain to be seated before Marjorie Caldwell's murder trial begins in District Court in Hastings, MN. Caldwell's trial for conspiracy in the death of her adoptive mother, Duluth heiress Elisabeth Congdon, was moved from Duluth to Hastings in January.

April 19, 1999

A four-block stretch of Duluth's East Sixth and Seventh streets were the first in the state to be paved with concrete 90 years ago. Now city engineers are investigating how to repair the street while saving as much of the crumbling concrete as possible.

Hermantown students knocked on about 2,000 doors last week, asking community members for donations to help build a $1.2 million football and soccer stadium for their high school. Organizers hope to have the stadium ready for use by fall semester of 2000.

Bygones is researched and written by David Ouse, retired reference librarian from the Duluth Public Library. He can be contacted at djouse49@gmail.com.