The Hermantown City Council approved an ordinance Monday putting a sixth-month moratorium on permitting new adult massage parlors and health clubs.

This move comes after multiple massage parlors in Duluth and Superior were shut down last week and the two owners were charged with sex trafficking and racketeering. According to the ordinance, the moratorium is being put in place so that city staff and the planning and zoning commission can study the issue of adult massage parlors and adult health clubs and obtain input from Hermantown residents and other interested parties. The City Council is asking city staff and the commission to provide a report and recommendations regarding possible amendments to the zoning regulations for these types of businesses.

The implementation of the ordinance means the city will not allow development, construction or creation or new permitting of any business or activities involved with adult massage parlors and adult health clubs or related uses.

The moratorium is in effect immediately and will be so until Oct. 1 or the effective date of ordinance provisions, whichever comes first.