March 14, 1979

A Duluth Transit Authority plan to allow riders to use their fares as a credit against state income taxes is getting national attention. DTA officials say if applied nationwide, the program could save fuel and help metropolitan areas meet federal air quality standards.

Pupils in Douglas County without proof of immunization against red measles will not be admitted to classes beginning next week. The Wisconsin Department of Health has declared a public health emergency in the county because of an epidemic of red measles sweeping Superior schools.

March 14, 1999

The WLSSD citizens board is scheduled to vote tomorrow night on whether to build a $1.5 million garbage transfer station at its site in Duluth's Lincoln Park. The station would be used by local garbage haulers to dump their small trash trucks.

Evergreen Veneer Products Inc., a wood covering manufacturer, is moving to Ashland and will begin employing people in July. The company plans to employ at least 150 full-time workers by July 2000 and do $30 million worth of business in its second year.

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