March 12, 1979

More than 45 Duluth school teachers will be laid off this spring and some could draw unemployment compensation all summer and then be rehired in the fall. Last year, 94 teachers were laid off and 92 eventually returned to work.

Negotiations between the Duluth School System and the Duluth Principals and Supervisors Association have reached an impasse. Representatives of the association, whose members are prohibited from striking, will meet with the School Board and a mediator tomorrow night to discuss six unresolved issues.

March 12, 1999

The city of Duluth's two largest departments - Public Works and Water and Gas - are being consolidated. Richard Larson, director of the new department, said the reorganization will make possible a faster response to calls with fewer employees and less equipment.

The annual winter survey on Isle Royale shows the wolf population, which totaled just 14 animals in 1998, has bounced back to 25. And the island's moose herd has grown to 750 animals from 500 after the deadly cold and snowy winter of 1995-96.

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