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St. Louis County

September 2018 marriage license applications

Scott Wishart, Duluth, and Alysa Bjorklund, Duluth.

Jason Rock, Alborn, and Emily Hesch, Duluth.

Matthew Truitt, Babbitt, and Trisha Johnson, Babbitt.

Richard Haverkost, Hibbing, and Marianne Just, Hibbing.

Quinn Morrow, Duluth, and Kolay Breen Eischens, Duluth.

Ted Beck, Cloquet, and Lisa Johnson, Biwabik.

Mackenzie Young, Duluth, and Ross Frederickson, Duluth.

Micah Norton, McGregor, and Elizabeth Gilbertson, McGregor.

Kelly Cullen, Tucson, Ariz., and Richard Lovold, Tucson.

Kirstie Schriock, Duluth, and Paul Leveille, Duluth.

Brent Bellinger, Austin, Texas, and Erin Meehan, Austin.

Denny Sullivan, Duluth, and Sharon Peterson, Duluth.

Shaun Vass, Ely, and Sarah Gruening, Ely.

Matthew Gunderson, Duluth, and Amber Roe, Duluth.

Martin Christianson, Superior, and Rachael Dickenson, Superior.

Andrea Bergherr, Duluth, and Joshuah Erickson, Duluth.

Adam Campbell, Duluth, and Angela Juten, Duluth.

Derek Ziegler, Saginaw, and Sarah Schwartz, Saginaw.

Jordan Hoffman, Duluth, and Ivy Hakala, Duluth.

Danielle Kerfeld, Duluth, and Lana Howk, Duluth.

Madelyn Trudeau, Duluth, and Alexander Hackett-Boo, Duluth.

Theresa Trejo, Hibbing, and Patric Songer, Hibbing.

Bethany Hogan, Duluth, and Kevin Archer, Duluth.

Philip Rolle, Duluth, and Brenda Maki, Gilbert.

Scott Kuhn, San Antonio, and Rebecca Weston, San Antonio.

Sara Lien, Duluth, and Thomas Church, Duluth.

Tiffany Linder, Duluth, and Joshua Berg, Duluth.

Megan Kalenowski, Floodwood, and Nicholas Hackenmueller, Floodwood.

Denise Licari, Elk River, Minn., and Scott Cundiff, Elk River.

Kiara Gomez, Shakopee, Minn., and Myles Bolnick, Coon Rapids, Minn.

Christine Martin, Angora, and Steven Horndt, Angora.

Harriet Ryan, Hudson, Wis., and Shaun Gary, Hudson.

Shana Erickson, Duluth, and Thaddeus Wood, Duluth.

Loren Rakowsky, Superior, and Beth Daigle, Duluth.

Allyssa Neuttila, Iron, and Carl Syverson, Buhl.

Jonathon Addy, Mountain Iron, and Kristilea Lakosky, Mountain Iron.

Ashley Koivunen, Eveleth, and Andrew Judnick, Eveleth.

Breianna Korva-Petersen, Hoyt Lakes, and Jacob Egan, Aurora.

Jessica Mack, Hibbing, and Jacob Frasier, Hibbing.

Jayce Carter, Kinney, and Charles McCash, Kinney.

Dominic Heim, Orr, and Amanda Mantovani, Orr.

Angela Toepper, Hugo, Minn., and Chad Vanduker, Meadowlands.

Eric George, Hibbing, and Ashleigh King, Hibbing.

Chad Rintala, Eveleth, and Jessica Hagolin, Eveleth.

Daniel Bergstrom, Duluth, and Sandra Wallis, Duluth.

Zachary Petrich, Eveleth, and Brianna Aaser, Eveleth.

Nicole Meyers, Duluth, and Branden Hunter, Superior.

Marcus Johansson, Duluth, and Melissa Chyrklund, Duluth.

James Johnson, Duluth, and Jennifer Krotzer, Duluth.

Nathan Dumonseau, Saginaw, and Emily Syria, Saginaw.

Stephanie Nason, Duluth, and Jose Garcia, Duluth.

David Norman, Superior, and Shannon Greely, Superior.

Lisa Wohlford, Duluth, and Devon Rudolph, Duluth.

Josiah Kludt, Cotton, and Jasmine Hall, Cotton.

Whitney Kirchgasler, Duluth, and Roy Good, Duluth.

Ian Devaney, Duluth, and Bridget Erickson, Duluth.

Elizabeth Matthews, Solon Springs, and Jon Jarve, Hermantown.

Julia Floberg, Minneapolis, and Joseph Peterson, Minneapolis.

Kassandra Zamlen, Gilbert, and Dennis Coan, Gilbert.

Jessica Pluntz, Superior, and Krystal Kinney, Proctor.

Kyle Leffel, Hoyt Lakes, and Marissa Albright, Hoyt Lakes.

Chelsey Bethke, Duluth, and Brandon Heddens, Duluth.

Daniel Myers, Ely, and Samantha Bradley, Ely.

Cory Stolp, Duluth, and Amy Bruckelmyer, Two Harbors.

Patrick Rohde, Brookston, and Katlyn Zauhar, Brookston.

Gillian Grocke, Duluth, and Martha Clanaugh, Duluth.

Danielle Depaulis, Keewatin, and Casey Mattison, Keewatin.

Anthony Maki, Duluth, and Heather McKnab, Duluth.

Jared Harm, Rice Lake Wis., and Nicole Leonard, Duluth.

Donald Clark, Jacques, Ontario, Canada, and Sharon Elder, Jacques.

Steven Poirier, Grand Rapids, and Vicki Church, Grand Rapids.

Brianna Hess, Duluth, and Kurt Honer, Duluth.

Kerry Soltis, Proctor, and Charles Herron, Proctor.

Weston Morris, Duluth, and Bryce Alander, Duluth.

Emily Reimer, Hibbing, and Riley Erickson, Hibbing.

Melissa Derosier, Hermantown, and Kevin Holshouser, Hermantown.

Caitlin Deutschman, St. Louis Park, Minn., and Zachary Brown, St. Louis Park.

Jarvas Polk, Duluth, and Amanda Wenzel, Duluth.

Renee Anderson, Hibbing, and Myles Milton, Hibbing.

Alan Parrent, Duluth, and Laura Talarico, Duluth.

Miriam Devaney, Esko, and John Hirman, Esko.

Cynthia Story, Duluth, and Todd Fabbri, Maple.

Brendan Miller-O'Neil, Duluth, and Kelsey Nielsen, Duluth.

Kelsey Redland, Grand Rapids, and Travis Kladivo, Grand Rapids.

Madyson Gasper, Duluth, and Bradley Zimmerman, Duluth.

Brian Madsen, Hermantown, and Brittany Zollar, Hermantown.

Trygve Lodin, Duluth, and Katherine Steen, Duluth.

Taylor Wiedenhoft, Hibbing, and Kaylee Evans, Hibbing.

Vincent Linn, Hibbing, and Sophia Rock, Hibbing.

Chad Rasmussen, Babbitt, and Dolores Blanchette, Babbitt.

Drake Patrow, Hibbing, and Brittany Vajdl, Hibbing.

Sadie Kettula, Duluth, and Martin Cardenas Jr., Duluth.

Jessica Thompson, Duluth, and Brian Santti, Duluth.

Alex Greely, Osseo, Minn., and Stacy Christopherson, Osseo.

Dylan Burslie, Duluth, and Angel Johnson, Cloquet.

Tyler Blomberg, Cloquet, and Morgan Theno, Cloquet.

Nathan Hynum, Duluth, and Traci Rutledge, Duluth.

Katharine Berg, Fridley, Minn., and Paul Kralovec II, Fridley.

William Englund, Hermantown, and Diane McDevitt, Hermantown.

Melissa Olson, Hudson, Wis., and Amanda Cerne, Hudson.

Heather Wood, Mikana, Wis., and Samantha Herrman, Mikana.

James Jones, Duluth, and Crystal Gwynn, Duluth.

Charis Ledwein, Duluth, and Randy Fjoser, Duluth.

Aaron Brown, Duluth, and McKenzie Larson, Duluth.

Marco Rappuchi, Chisholm, and Summer Isham, Chisholm.

Adam Bolton, Madison, Wis., and Marian Lund, Madison.

Brandon Thai, Duluth, and Luke Rumpca, Duluth.

Scott Chilberg, Duluth, and Davina Gerard, Duluth.

Nicole Whitney, Cook, and Brandon Benner, Nett Lake.

Alisha Habdas, Duluth, and Eric Sommer, Duluth.

Richard Beckman III, Hibbing, and Samantha Kochevar, Hibbing.

Kari Vogel, Proctor, and Michael Johnson, Proctor.

Michael Warren, Chisholm, and Denise Thompson, Chisholm.

Jared Warneke, Proctor, and Samantha Burr, Proctor.

Donald Hensley, Panhandle, Texas, and Kathleen Peterson, Duluth.

Annie Rosen, Cloquet, and Gary Pederson, Cloquet.

Charles Fulton Jr., Brookings, S.D., and Jessica Halverson, Brookings.

Cole Lipinski, Duluth, and Haley Johnson, Duluth.

Nicholas Beattie, Duluth, and Danielle Kohlwey, Duluth.

Kelly Larson, Keewatin, and Timothy Flett Jr., Keewatin.

Jennette Grizzard, Aurora, and Cody Miller, Aurora.

Jennifer Schnortz, Hibbing, and James Rudquist, Hackensack, Minn.

Courtlyn Kirven-Vaccaro, Duluth, and Devin Macklin-Davis, Duluth.

Casey Lindgren, Duluth, and Christy Peterson, Duluth.

Robert Anderson, Norfolk, Va., and Molly Overby, Norfolk.

Elijah Madrinich, Duluth, and Chelsey Reeder, Duluth.

Alissa Stainbrook, Duluth, and Jacob Postal, Duluth.

Dane Gassett-Tilden, Coon Rapids, Minn., and Jaydin Guldenaar, Coon Rapids.

Emily Cullum, Chicago, and Justin Podowski, Chicago.

Brian Peterson, Duluth, and Hannah Marrin, Duluth.

Jennifer Cozzi, Duluth, and James Foldesi, Duluth.

Sarah Lung, Aurora, and Jonathen Lincoln, Aurora.

Roger Chambers, Ely, and Janine Selbitschka, Ely.

Kailey Buettner, Duluth, and Zachary Vieau, Duluth.

Richard Campbell, Britt, and Anthony Zupancich Jr., Britt.

Nathan Ralph, Duluth, and Kalysta Davis, Duluth.

Casey Frahm, Clear Lake, Iowa, and Jeffrey Frahm, Clear Lake.

Rachel Colombe, Esko, and Robert Wagner, Esko.

Joshua Martin, Chisholm, and Jessica Dubbe, Chisholm.

Dissolutions of marriage

Miles Swenson, Duluth, and Paula Swenson, Duluth.

Airlea I. Bellanger, Duluth, and Thomas I. Bellanger IV, Duluth.

Clinton R. Johnson, Duluth, and Jennifer L. Johnson, Proctor.

Eric M. Frantz, Two Harbors, and Tammy L. Frantz, Duluth.

Felicia L. Buckner, Virginia, and Lachonce D. Buckner, Virginia.

Theresa L. Hanson, Duluth, and Jay R. Hanson, Duluth.

Patricia M. Paquette, no city listed, and James F. Paquette, Duluth.

Heather N. Kelly, Duluth, and Scott B. Kelly, Duluth.

Hasana E. Urrutia, Duluth, and Samuel C. Urrutia, Duluth.

Karlina M. Mickelson, Duluth, and Michael S. Mickelson, Duluth.

Paige A. Merrill, Duluth, and Jesse W. Merrill, Duluth.

Jerry M. Slocum, Hermantown, and Jill L. Slocum, Duluth.

Daisy-ree R. Quaker, Duluth, and Jason D. Lavake, Duluth.

Stephanie N. Eastvold, Duluth, and Timothy D. Eastvold, Duluth.

Jennifer J. Sharp, Duluth, and Jeffrey V. Sharp, no city listed.

Scott C. Ridgely, Duluth, and Amy M. Ridgely, Duluth.

Danielle E. Urness-Orsburne, Duluth, and Nathan A. Orsburne, Duluth.

Chrisopher Cid, no city listed, and Brenda Cid, Carlton.

Mark A. Frick, Hermantown, and Cyndi M. K. S. Frick, Hermantown.

Meghan M. Wasley, Duluth, and Christopher T. Wasley, Duluth.

Autumn J. Sawyer, Cloquet, and Alex J. Sawyer, Cloquet.

Amber R. Martens, Duluth, and Matthew P. Martens, Duluth.

Terra M. Geissler, Duluth, and Marcus P. Geissler, Duluth.

Tracy C. Carlson, Duluth, and Thomas R. Carlson, Duluth.

Heather L. Lindstrom, Duluth, and Kory J. Lindstrom, Duluth.

Kelly J. Marshall, Cloquet, and Alan J. Marshall Jr., Duluth.

Carrie D. Scouton, Duluth, and Mark H. Scouton, Duluth.

Barbara Zeidl, Duluth, and Dennis Laschinski, Duluth.

Jerome J. Mongiovi, Duluth, and Darla J. Butler, no city listed.

Susan B. Jordan, Duluth, and Verne W. Jordan, Minneapolis.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.