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Duluze tip: Drink water to maintain health

The human body is made up of over 70 percent water. So understandably, drinking plenty of fluids to maintain and replenish water levels is vital for things such as muscle functions, joint and brain protections, immune health, digestion, mood and weight loss.

Drinking water instead of soda or sugary juices will quench your thirst — minus the excess calories and plus all the benefits of helping your body flush out the byproducts of the fat and other toxins. Drinking water also keeps your skin moist, supple and elastic, keeping it from developing dry issues like dermatitis, visible aging and infection.

Think of drinking water as your secret weapon to fighting off illnesses, improving lymph fluid within the immune system and preventing headaches, joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue. So, next time you're contemplating what to drink or eat, grab yourself a glass of water first and enjoy!

Information provided by Rachael Perlinger, clinic administrator of Northland Plastic Surgery, sponsor of the News Tribune’s Duluze Weight Loss Challenge.