Duluth Property Transactions

Jan. 31 through Feb. 6

410 E. 10th St., Lawrence M. and Virginia Freeman purchased from Hot Pepper Properties LLC for $74,900, residential, 1/19.

1214 E. 11th St., Terra M. Geissler purchased from Thomas R., Cheryl L. and Jason Brabec for $139,900, residential, 12/18.

101 S. 19th Ave. E., Kerry Hage purchased from PB Properties LLC for $175,000, residential, 1/19.

1540 97th Ave. W., Great Lakes Rentals LLC purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $66,500, residential, 1/19.

141 E. Buffalo St., Jack Forbort purchased from Department of Housing and Urban Development for $76,100, residential, 1/19.

106 Clover St., Kelsey L. and Brian C. Putvin purchased from Samantha and Kaleb I.N. Melton for $215,000, residential, 1/19.

152 W. Faribault St., Jerad K. and Michelle M. Sikkink purchased from PK Investments of Duluth Inc. for $164,900, residential, 1/19.

422 N. Fifth Ave. E., Mathew Jennissen purchased from Hot Pepper Properties LLC for $104,000, residential, 1/19.

7909 Grand Ave., Kyle and Kayla Langlee purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $95,000, residential, 11/18.

5117 Ivanhoe St., Brody J. Olson purchased from Misty M. and Todd Carlson for $145,000, residential, 1/19.

1924 Lawn St., Allison J. Ray purchased from Candace A. Furo for $210,000, residential, 1/19.

2106 Miller Creek Drive, James and Susan Gulbranson purchased from Arlene C. Swendiman for $275,000, residential, 1/19.

5303 Peregrine Circle, Michael J. and Karen J. Cheslak purchased from Robert R. and Pamela R. Lehto for $435,000, residential, 11/18.

3531 E. Superior St., Trevor J. and Janelle K. McCollough purchased from Tanley and Marilyn Irving trust for $303,000, residential, 1/19.

1830 E. Superior St., Zachary J. McCleary purchased from The Vine Inc. for $115,000, residential, 1/19.

714 N. Third Ave. E., Mary Mahai purchased from Travis H. Smart for $79,000, residential, 1/19.

814 E. Third St., Jon Kotrba and Michael Viaene purchased from Al M. Cismowski revocable trust for $34,000, residential, 1/19.

326 Wadena St., Austin Keenan and Paula Brandt purchased from Erich and Meghan Jenson for $149,900, residential, 1/19.