Jayme Closs' aunt posted an update on Facebook Saturday morning about Jayme's first night back with family.

"Jayme had a pretty good night sleep. It was great to know she was next to me all night. What a great feeling to have her home," Jennifer Smith, Jayme's aunt, wrote Saturday morning. "As a family we will get through all of the healing process Jayme has."

Smith went on to say that Jayme's parents can rest in peace now, and she will make sure Jayme is safe forever. Smith is Denise Closs' sister and Jayme's legal godmother. Jayme was placed with Smith after leaving the hospital Friday.

Smith also shared two more pictures of Jayme, both in which she is seen smiling. Smith's other sister, Sue Allard, said in a Facebook post early Saturday morning how proud of Jayme she was.

"You saved your strength at the utmost opportunity," she wrote. "I believe all the thoughts and prayer behind you, God and your mom and dad led you to use your strength, love and power to get you home to us. I am so thankful for that.

"Keep praying for our dear girls as we will travel this road together to help heal what has been lost. My sister Denisey-Pooh and Jim, we have your baby girl in our arms and may you both rest in peace."