The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coalition in Duluth release a statement Friday saying it was against the court decision to reinstate a Duluth police officer accused of using excessive force.

Sixth Judicial District Judge Eric Hylden denied the city's motion to vacate an arbitration award reinstating officer Adam Huot. City officials moved to terminate Huot, a nine-year veteran with a history of excessive-force complaints, in wake of the incident, but the Duluth Police Union contested the move.

Huot was one of three officers called to remove two men from a building on May 20, 2017. Body camera footage shows one man, 30-year-old Brandon Houle, dropping to the ground and telling officers, "I ain't gonna make it easy for you guys."

The coalition said in a statement, “Huot’s behavior makes him unfit to serve in the police department” and “his presence on the force would undermine public trust in the DPD and put more vulnerable community members at risk of violence at his hands.”

The Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights Coalition was created in an effort to stop mistreatment of people experiencing homelessness.