The Wrenshall School will be closed again Thursday and Friday because of strong fumes from a roof repair project taking place at the building.

The unexpected closure started around midday Tuesday after the planned roof repair project was underway, Superintendent Kim Belcastro said. Classes also were canceled Wednesday.

“The work had already started, but when the adhesive roofing product was used, we started to have the problem,” Belcastro said. “The first complaint was on Tuesday about strong fumes, and some staff members and students weren't feeling well.”

After consulting with the roofing company and the Wrenshall School Board, Belcastro said the decision was made to close the school as of 11:20 a.m. Tuesday to assure the safety of the students and faculty - and also allow the workers to get the project done by the end of the weekend, and ahead of the full brunt of winter.

Changes to the school’s calendar might be necessary, but will not be discussed until next week.

“I am consulting with the school board on Nov. 20 at our monthly meeting,” Belcastro said. “We will be talking about the calendar and if we are adjusting.”