Principals from three district schools gave updates during the Dickinson Public School Board's regular meeting on Monday evening.

Tammy Peterson, principal at Lincoln Elementary, invited three of her fifth-grade students to speak. Sam Lewton, Korbin Soens and Emersyn Lee spoke about their daily lives as fifth-graders at Lincoln Elementary. The students are all a part of the school's first student council.

Lewton started off by giving a recap of the average morning for a fifth-grader, which included students reading announcements and the "Lincoln Pledge," which is followed by math classes and the first recess of the day. After the first recess, students work on their writing courses and then move on to reading, where they have guided reading groups with different goals for each group.

"My favorite subject out of these is reading," Lewton said. "I personally like fantasy books."

Soens then tackled the afternoon part of the school day, which includes lunch, recess and subjects like social studies and science. Soens said they are currently learning about mass and matter in fifth-grade science.

Lee talked to the board about the special classes the school has in addition to the typical math, science, reading and social studies. Lee said they study art and music, where they learn about composers and sing songs. Students also participate in PhiEd, where they play games and learn about topics such as teamwork.

The school also has a program called Yoga Calm that helps students form strategies if they are feeling mad, sad or other stressful emotions. They also have Learning with Lincoln Leaders, which allows parents to come in and learn about what students in all grade levels are doing in class.

"I love all these special classes that we get to participate in, and I'm proud to be a student at Lincoln Elementary and to be a student council member," Lee said.

Susan Cook, principal at Heart River Elementary and a parent at the school, spoke about the Watch D.O.G.S Dads program. The program stands for Dads of Great Students and involves dads getting more involved with school projects from moving furniture to keeping an eye out for bullying and reading with the kids and helping them with homework.

Leyman Tedford, a parent and Watch D.O.G.S dad, explained the program to the board and spoke about its importance. Tedford said the more the dads get involved the more they love it.

"The men really love coming into the school and I hear how much they love it," he said. "... We try to be a cheerleader for our kids as best we can, and we're there to say 'If you need us, we're here.'"

Tedford said one of their primary goals is school safety and making sure that students are safe while they learn.

Henry Mack, principal at Roosevelt Elementary, discussed a book study the staff at the school did last year called the Leader in Me. They are now working on fundraising to send five staff members to a symposium about the topic. They are implementing some of the things in the book, such as giving students jobs as greeters in the lunchroom or delivering newspapers.