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‘Take a seat’ at the NorShor Theatre

Construction workers work on the lower and balcony seating sections of the NorShor Theatre Friday afternoon. Bob King /

You can show your support for efforts to renovate Duluth’s iconic NorShor Theatre as part of the “Take a Seat” campaign launched by the Duluth Playhouse Wednesday. Contribute $1,000, and have a metal plate engraved to your specifications attached to a seat of your choice inside the theater. In all, 630 seats are available and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis to supporters.

The engraved plates will remain in place in perpetuity, but of course patrons can’t be ensured “their seats” will be available on any given night.

The Playhouse, which will manage the NorShor and is leading a $4.5 million fundraising campaign, also will offer larger donors naming rights for the theater and its various elements.