Holiday decorations formerly featured at Macy's department store in Minneapolis have found a new home in Duluth.

Bentleyville executive director Nathan Bentley announced on Friday that the eighth-floor display from Macy's, which closed after 53 years, has been donated to his annual light show at Bayfront Festival Park. Macy's hosted its final display in 2016 before the company sold its downtown Minneapolis store this year.

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Bentleyville brought five semi-truck loads of items, including animatronics and displays, to Duluth, Bentley said. All the Macy's items were built for indoor use, and Bentley said they're considering incorporating large boxes throughout Bentleyville to house them.

"We're going to be implementing all of the animatronics starting now in 2017 and going into '18 and probably '19 because the magnitude of stuff that was donated was so large that it will take awhile to get everything incorporated," he said.

Bentleyville is scheduled to open Nov. 18 at Bayfront Festival Park. Bentley said they're planning to be open for 39 nights this year - more than in past years. He also announced Friday that $100,000 has been invested in new displays, and the number of lights on the main tree will increase to 225,000. He said 98 percent of the lights will be LED this year.

Volunteers will begin setting up this weekend. Help is needed each Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Wednesday night from 5-8 p.m. Volunteers must be at least 16. Work will include building tunnels, displays and barricades, installing rope lighting, distributing power cords and repairing lights. Lunch will be provided every Saturday and Sunday.

Bentleyville also launches its fifth annual Golden Ticket Candy Bar fundraiser Saturday, which runs through Oct. 31. Bars will be sold for $1 at participating Holiday Station stores and other sponsors. Each candy bar offers the chance to win one of 1,000 prizes.

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