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20 Under 40: Carly Melin

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Carly Melin

Age: 32

Occupation: Assistant St. Louis County Attorney.

What do you actually do? Criminal prosecution.

Years in your job: One-plus.

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science and social work from Bemidji State University, and my juris doctor from Hamline School of Law in St. Paul.

Family: Sons, Leonard, 3, and Theodor, 1.

Community involvement: I’m a current member of Hibbing Community College Foundation Board of Directors, and former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, where I represented the central Mesabi Iron Range, the IRRRB and Minnesota Discovery Center.

Native of the area? Yes; Hibbing born and raised.

What keeps you here? Family, friends and the community.

Favorite place in the Northland: I love walking the Mesabi Trail in the summer and fall. It winds through the trees, past picturesque mine pits and through small Iron Range towns and mining locations. It's a great way to see the Iron Range.

How do you spend your free time? With two toddlers I have little to no free time, but I like being active and being outdoors. I often ride bike on the Mesabi Trail with the kids in a bike trailer behind me. In the winter I cross-country ski locally and downhill ski at Giant's Ridge. I also love shopping at our small, locally owned stores in Hibbing.

How can the Northland retain younger people? Educational opportunities for young children are important for young families. Recreational opportunities are important for young people and young families. People want to live in a place they can learn and play.

Influential person in your life: My mom probably has the most influence on me. She gives me lots of advice and sometimes I even take it.

What is your biggest accomplishment? Authoring and passing the Women's Economic Security Act when I was in the Minnesota House. It expanded workplace protections for working families and working pregnant mothers. My biggest personal accomplishment happens every weekday and involves getting two toddlers out the door and still getting to work as a functioning adult at 8 a.m.

Three people – dead or alive – you’d like to have dinner with: Eleanor Roosevelt; she used her role as First Lady to effectuate policy change and make a difference in the country and world. I like that she took the initiative to do those things even though she didn't have to.

Robert Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan; I want to hear from him directly what it was like growing up in Hibbing. I am raising my sons in a house not far from his childhood home.

My grandma, Elva Melin, who passed away in 2010 at 97, because I miss her and she was one of the strongest, smartest women I've ever known. She also didn't like cooking so she'd probably make me her usual creamed red potatoes and peas and that would be just fine with me.

Five-year goals: Continue to grow in my legal profession and be involved in politics in some manner even though I'm out of elected office (for now). I've always seen politics as a tool to effectuate positive progress in society.

Where do you see the Twin Ports in the next five to 10 years? Probably still 70 miles to my southeast but still a place I love to visit.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently? I'm just finishing up “Option B” by Sheryl Sandberg. I enjoyed her first book “Lean In,” which was about empowerment professionally. “Option B” is about facing a personal, unexpected adversity and how to deal with it. I found it to be full of beneficial advice.

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