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20 Under 40: Jebeh Edmunds

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Jebeh Edmunds, fifth grade teacher at Congdon Elementary in Duluth.2 / 2

Jebeh Edmunds

Age: 37

Occupation: Fifth Grade Teacher at Congdon Elementary

What do you actually do? I educate, teach, and inspire young learners.

Years in your job: 6

Education: Masters of Science in Teaching from The College of St. Scholastica; Graduate Teacher Licensure Certification from The College of Saint Scholastica; Bachelors of Arts Degree from The University of Minnesota Duluth

Family: Husband Andrew,  two sons Maxwell (9) and Mateo (6)

Community involvement: Cofounder of Multicultural Blog (Mommies in black and (2015 to present)

Founded the EBOLA BlockAID Fundraising initiative for Liberia (2014 to 2016)

Nettleton Site Council Committee Member 2011

Blandin Community Foundation Leadership Alum 2006

ISD 709 Service Learning Trained 2006

Minnesota Reading Corps-Teacher Corps Scholarship Recipient 2005

ISD 709 African American Educational Advisory Committee 2004 to 2012

ISD 709 ELA Adoption Team with Dr. Michael Carey 2016

ISD709  Professional Development committee  2017

Are you a native of the area? No

If yes, what keeps you here?

If no, what drew you here? I was born in Liberia and emigrated to the United States with my parents in 1982. I went to undergrad at UMD and met my husband a month before graduation and stayed.

Favorite place in the Northland: any place with great food.

How do you spend your free time? I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love going on date nights with my husband.I have family all over the world, so I love connecting with them either through FaceTime or social media. I love to write on my multicultural blog that I co-founded with my bestie Jen Reierson. I also love to dance. I'm also a hockey mom, so that takes up a lot of my time as well.

How can the Northland retain younger people? There should be more opportunities for mentorships with local businesses and universities to encourage young professionals to stay in the Northland.  If I hadn't had wonderful professors at both universities that I'd attended, I don't think I would have stayed as long as I have.

Tell us about an influential person in your life: My mother, she's also an educator. She's been my cultural, spiritual, and educational guide my whole life. Every moment I'm with her, I've learned so much about what it means to show true strength and grace in this world.

What is your biggest accomplishment? Becoming a parent has been my biggest blessing. I learn a daily dose of humility and patience in the presence of my two boys. Being a mother is the hardest and best job ever.

Three people – dead or alive – you’d like to have dinner with: Oprah, Whoppie Goldberg, and Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Oprah, because I want to know more about how she became one of the most influential people on Earth . Whoppie Goldberg, I want to learn more about how she influences people with her great sense of humor. Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, I want to learn about how it really feels to be the first ever elected female president in the continent of Africa. She's the President of Liberia (my home country).

Five-year goals: I'm a lifelong learner. I would love to further my education in a way that would help me in my practice of teaching. I would also like to travel and continue my writing.

Where do you see the Twin Ports in the next five to 10 years? I would see a more vibrant and welcoming community.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently? Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

It's a great story about the Africa people don't see or hear in the media. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Social media: My blog