FARGO - "Wow, I didn't realize my lashes were this long."

"I can't believe they can even curl like that."

"I feel like I don't even have to wear makeup."

This what many women are saying after trying the latest beauty trend: lash lifting and tinting.

While eyelash extensions have been around since the 1870s, lash lifting and tinting is a relatively new procedure that debuted in salons around the Fargo-Moorhead area in the last couple of months.

The results are creating buzz.

"Someone came in with these stick straight lashes saying, 'It's not gonna' work. It's not gonna' work,' " says Ashley Froemke, owner of Lash by Ash. " 'I said, 'Give me an hour and I'll show you.' I love the 'wow' factor. It's instant gratification."

To put it simply, lash lifting is like a perm for your eyelashes. And tinting dyes darken lighter-colored lashes for a more eye-catching effect (pun intended).

The idea of perming your lashes may sound intimidating, but Trista Chapman, owner of Blushed Beauty Bar, says it's not. In order to offer the service, you must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician and undergo formal training. Several schools teach lash lifting and tinting as a part of curriculum, but advanced training is also available both in-person - in larger cities - or online.

How does it work?

Though the process is slightly different depending on training, the steps are generally the same.

1. Adhere silicone pad or rod. First step is cleaning the lashes. "We take a silicon pad and put it over the top your eyelids and brush those lashes back to the pad," Froemke says. Pads or rods come in various sizes and are fit based on lash length. "The longer the lash you have, the longer curl you'll get. The smaller the lash, the smaller the setting," she says.

2. Apply perming solution. Next, eyelashes are brushed back onto the silicone pad or rod. Chapman uses water-soluble glue to secure the lashes before applying the perming solution. The glue is "very very sensitive. It comes right off with water," she says. Perm time is anywhere from six to 15 minutes.

3. Set the perm. "Then you neutralize it - just like a real perm," Chapman says. The neutralizing (setting) solution locks in the curl.

4. Tint lashes. "If you want a tint, then afterwards you'll tint them so you have a nice, dark lash," Chapman says.

5. Nourish lashes. After removing the silicone pads or rods, Froemke uses a nourishing oil to hydrate the lashes and restore after the chemical treatment. "That nourishing oil helps release that glue, too," she says.

"You're left with a beautiful, full curl. You don't have to use a curler at all - it's so nice," Chapman says.

Lash lift vs. extension

When it comes to cost and time commitment, lash lifting and tinting beats out lash extensions. Eyelash extensions typically take 90 minutes to apply and only last two to three weeks. And lash lift and tints cost a fraction of the price.

"It's a really great thing for prom because lash extensions are $150 and this is $65," Froemke says. Typically the service takes between 45 to 60 minutes and they last four to eight weeks.

"You just never know how fast your lashes are going to shed out, but at eight weeks I still had a curl," Chapman says.

Lash lifts are also more sensitive. "It's really great for people that have allergies - someone that can't do the eyelash extensions. This is a great alternative to be able to open your eyes and look like you've done a little extra," Chapman says.

For who that want a more care-free summer look, lash lifting and tinting may do the trick. You can choose to forego makeup or add a little mascara to amp them up and make your lashes look a little more flirty.

"Honestly, I feel like everyone can benefit from it," Chapman says. "You're going to look like you still have makeup on when you're at the lakes when they're tinted a little bit darker and they're nice and curled."