A U.S. bankruptcy court judge has approved the sale of the remaining assets of Magnetation LLC to Roanoke entrepreneur Tom Clarke.

In a 45-page order filed after business hours on Thursday, Judge William Fisher approved the deal that was laid out at a Dec. 15 court hearing in St. Paul.

Fisher will hold a hearing on the sale Tuesday but, in the written order, said no additional objections to the sale will be allowed. Additional hearings are likely to continue hammering out debt issues, but the sale can move forward under the new order.

The deal was portrayed in bankruptcy court documents filed last week as the last, best hope to reopen the failed company’s shuttered iron ore recovery operations on the Iron Range. Fisher agreed that the deal was the “highest and best offer’’ for the properties and was in the best interest of all parties in the case.

Tom Clarke, owner of Kissito Healthcare, ERP Compliant Fuels and now ERP Iron Ore, brokered the deal to acquire Magnetation’s now-idled plants in Keewatin, Bovey and Grand Rapids that turn leftover mining waste into valuable iron ore concentrate.

The deal also includes all of Grand Rapids-based Magnetation’s rail operations and the company’s pellet-making plant in Reynolds, Ind.

Clarke said he hopes to close the financial arrangements in the deal quickly and restart at least some operations in 2017. It’s likely Plant 4 in Grand Rapids, which had about 130 employees when it closed in October, would be the first to reopen. The future is less clear for the Bovey plant, which had 167 employees until closing in January, and the Keewatin plant, which had about 50 employees when it closed in 2015.