Racist and other intolerant language stemming from this week’s presidential election was found in a female bathroom stall at Denfeld High School on Friday.

Scrawled in black marker was a derogatory message related to black students, and others referencing Donald Trump’s win, according to Superintendent Bill Gronseth.

“We are working to investigate the serious issue at hand,” he said Friday night, “and we will take appropriate measures with whoever is involved. I want to be clear that racist and intolerant behavior and threats are not going to be tolerated in the schools.”

He said there have been other reports this week coming from Denfeld and East high schools about inappropriate language and behavior related to the election.

“Ever since Wednesday morning we have been working with students to help them through the emotions of the election that so many people are feeling, no matter which side they are on,” Gronseth said.

If students are hearing anything that makes them uneasy or are being treated disrespectfully, they should tell an adult at school and talk to their parents, he said.

“It’s a tough time for our country and it’s important to support our students and stand up and not allow this behavior to continue. It harms the entire community,” Gronseth said.

A similar incident happened at Maple Grove (Minn.) High School this week.