A new event at Duluth’s Glensheen Mansion this week will allow visitors to take a gander at 15 recently opened spaces and explore the mansion’s 12-acre estate at night at their own pace - for free.

“We’re going to be doing up some really special things throughout the mansion and the estate. Throughout the mansion, we’ll be highlighting different, new things we’ve been adding to the tour and bringing out some things just specially for that night, some artifacts. We’ll also have entertainment, cash bars, food trucks out on the estate. The estate will be completely lit up and beautiful, like nothing else anybody’s ever seen before at Glensheen,” marketing manager Jane Pederson said.

The free “Night at the Museum” event is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. Thursday at the mansion. Entering the mansion will be first-come, first-served based on capacity and visitors should plan to wait in line. People who don’t get the chance to go in the mansion can still visit the estate’s grounds, Pederson said. Glensheen’s parking lot is expected to fill quickly and the city of Duluth’s street parking regulations are in effect. Carpooling, walking or biking is encouraged if possible.

This is the first time Glensheen staff have hosted such an event and they believe visitors will be able to experience the mansion in a way that they haven’t before, Pederson said.

“We are working towards finding new and innovative ways to open up the mansion for the community to enjoy. The intent of Chester and Clara (Congdon) was that Glensheen would become the community’s mansion since it was once a private estate and now it is the public’s mansion,” Pederson said.

Night at the Museum will feature 15 recently opened spaces on the estate and highlight $6 million in recent repairs.

A few of the recently opened spaces are outdoors on the estate, Pederson said. A renovated outlook near Tischer Creek and Lake Superior will be one of the highlighted spaces during Night at the Museum. Visitors also will be able to see Glensheen’s tennis court, the newest restored space that features a rare authentic clay tennis court, she said, adding, “There’s only actually a few in the world.”

Inside the mansion, the reception room has been opened in addition to other “nooks and crannies” that visitors will be able to see, Pederson said.


Find more information about "Night at the Museum" at glensheen.org/event/night-at-the-museum.