Thick smoke and haze in the Northland - from wildfires both in the region and far to the north and west in Canada - has prompted the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to issue an air pollution health advisory for Northeastern Minnesota through 10 p.m. Saturday.

The advisory includes Duluth, the Iron Range and the North Shore. The smoky haze continued to move across the Northland on Saturday morning.

"Periods of smoke ... are expected to persist in this area through Saturday night," the MPCA reported. "During this time, fine particle pollution is expected to remain near a level that is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. On Saturday night into Sunday morning, the winds will decrease the movement of smoke into the affected region."

The MPCA said populations sensitive to fine particles include "those with pre-existing cardiovascular or respiratory disease, the elderly, children, and individuals who participate in activities requiring extended or heavy exertion, both indoors and outdoors."

People in those groups are encouraged to postpone or reduce vigorous activity, and minimize exposure to air pollution.