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Schultz to seek re-election to Minnesota House

Jennifer Schultz

District 7A Rep. Jennifer Schultz, DFL-Duluth, announced Wednesday that she will seek a second term in the Minnesota Legislature.

"It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the people of Duluth in the Minnesota State House of Representatives. Today, I ask voters in the district to return me to St. Paul in the November 2016 election, so I can continue to work for Duluth and for all Minnesotans," she said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Schultz, an economist who works at UMD and specializes in health care policy, was elected in 2014 to succeed longtime Rep. Tom Huntley. District 7A includes most of eastern Duluth.

"Minnesota faces many challenges in the next few years. We need to finally address the problem of our transportation infrastructure in a way that meets the needs of our people and our businesses for the long term and guarantees stable financing for those needs. We need to continue the expansion of preschool programs, to protect and expand financing for K-12 education, and to reverse the downward trend in our commitment to higher education and research, the foundation of so much of our success in creating one of the leading state economies in the country and the highest standard of living in the Midwest," Schultz said.

"We need to protect gains made in health care for all Minnesotans and continue to improve, not roll back, health care programs that are important to our citizens. We need to protect the programs of Local Government Aid that have lately been under attack but are critical to the success of all our cities — especially Duluth," her campaign statement said.

State Sen. Roger Reinert, DFL-Duluth, announced earlier this month that he will not seek another term in the Legislature. So far there are two candidates for Reinert's seat, both DFL: State Rep. Erik Simonson, who represents western Duluth's District 7B, and former Duluth City Councilor Sharla Gardner.