June marriage license applications

Nathan Beal, Duluth, and Nathan Huber, Duluth.

Nicole Johnson, Cloquet, and Max Melhus, Cloquet.

Jonathon Barrick, Duluth, and Miranda Fierek, Duluth.

Nicholas Tucci, Duluth, and Christine Osorio, Woodbury, Minn.

Arielle Mickle, Iron Junction, and Joseph Petterson, Iron Junction.

Carolyn Reichel, Cambridge, Minn., and Mark Swanson, Cambridge.

Bryan Hawks, Duluth, and Katlyn Brown, Duluth.

Jamie Lauwagie, Duluth, and Laura Hoffman, Duluth.

Nicole Severson, Duluth, and Jesse Moeller, Duluth.

Sarah Johnson, Duluth, and Steven Halvorson, Duluth.

Ashley Karban, Proctor, and Shayne Downey, Proctor.

Daniel Roach, Duluth, and Lydia Sayers, Duluth.

Whitney Peterson, Hermantown, and Anthony Palmisano, Hermantown.

Alyssa Johnson, Duluth, and Andrew Whiteman, Duluth.

Erin Cheever, Surprise, Ariz., and Michael Weaver, Surprise.

Niquia Pierce, Duluth, and Derek Whittet, Duluth.

Ryan Elkington, Virginia, and Wendy Erickson, Virginia.

Travis Hayes, Duluth, and Samantha Bird, Duluth.

Eric Thomsen, Hibbing, and Alicia Carlson, Hibbing.

Joe Watt, Duluth, and Emily Seguin, Minneapolis.

Abbey Carver, Duluth, and Brett Brazerol, Duluth.

Nicole Obeidzinski, Buhl, and Zachary Anderson, Buhl.

Bobbiejo Pfuhl Turner, Duluth, and Glen Maki, Duluth.

Matthew Tholen, Winton, and Ashley Bastable, Winton.

Catherine Coleman, Duluth, and Jacob Casareto, Duluth.

Rachael Hoium, Hermantown, and David Ohnstad, Cushing, Wis.

Andrew Kolojeski, Stanley, N.D., and Julie Gunderson, Stanley.

Emily Desmarais, Duluth, and Graham Whiting, Duluth.

Priscilla Carlson, Two Harbors, and Christopher Joersz, Two Harbors.

James Mitchell, Portland, Tenn., and Deborah Holst, Spooner.

Constance Cummins, Duluth, and Jeffery Mortimore, Duluth.

Racheal Volkey, Duluth, and Keith Petty III, Duluth.

Matthew Krzewinski, Saginaw, and Jennifer Neva, Saginaw.

Brianna Erhardt, Duluth, and Matthew Deroche, Duluth.

Adam Flanagan, Duluth, and Katherine Ramponi, Mountain Iron.

Erik Lundgren, Duluth, and Cedar Selenite, Duluth.

Kim Dubla, Duluth, and Michael Sandstrom, Duluth.

Nicolette Leach, Grygla, Minn., and John Nieman, Superior.

Angela Colborn, Superior, and Nathan Kiminski, Superior.

Emily Holmgren, Duluth, and Mitchell Jelen, Duluth.

Kelly Parish, Duluth, and Daniel Larson, Duluth.

Dalton Steede, Duluth, and Molly Trapp, Esko.

Bonnie Thayer, Virginia, and Nicholas Norlander, Virginia.

Katrina Turnquist, Hermantown, and Haven Carter, Ashland.

Katie Fuoss, Proctor, and Jerad Borgschatz, Proctor.

Steven Grigal, Virginia, and Jenna Holtorf, Virginia.

Thomas Szyman, Lakeville, Minn., and Theresa Corey, Duluth.

Tristan Durfee, Duluth, and Delaney Rautio, Saginaw.

Christopher Olson, Proctor, and Renae Kass, Proctor.

Jeffery Crowley, Longmont, Colo., and Lucette Vankessel, Longmont.

Kelly Anderson, Virginia, and Blake Johnson, Virginia.

Megan Ahlberg, Hermantown, and Cory Henkel, Hermantown.

Joshua Kutzler, Baldwin, Wis., and Haley Ludwig, Baldwin.

Jason Coghill, West Fargo, N.D., and Kelly Muckala, West Fargo.

Lindsay Siebert, Cook, and Zachary Norup, Cook.

Brian Hedin, Duluth, and Gretchen Anderson, Duluth.

Derek Storbeck, Bonaire, Ga., and Emily Mertes, Duluth.

Jane Hakomaki, Hibbing, and Anthony Drazenovich, Nashwauk.

Kenneth Othoudt-Rosenow, Duluth, and Marissa Sanow, Duluth.

Harrison Fuchs, Iowa City, Iowa, and Christina Mariani, Iowa City.

Skete Mankus, Virginia, and Haili Carlson, Virginia.

Aaron Tomsky, Princeton, Minn., and Sophie Netland, Duluth.

Jonathan Rogers, Duluth, and Ever Alcerro Velasquez, Duluth.

Amanda Haburt, Duluth, and Adam Olson, Superior.

Paige Turri, Duluth, and Stephen Konrad Jr., Duluth.

Skyler Warren, Chisholom, and Cheyanne Niedzielski, Chisholom.

Eric Williams, Mankato, Minn., and Kari Shearer, Duluth.

Kate Quam, Ellendale, Minn., and Cory Camerer, Ellendale.

Kristine Kollath, Ashland, and Eric Lindell, Ashland.

Mia Piikkila, Superior, and Derek Treadeau, Superior.

Justin Kaufman, Superior, and Michelle Nindorf, Superior.

Jessica Hanegmon, Hibbing, and Nicholas Cimermancic, Hibbing.

Michelle Line, Virginia, and Chad Graden, Lake Nebagamon.

Bradley Morgan, Virginia, and Melody Hanson, Virginia.

Megan Halver, Duluth, and Michael Pellett, Duluth.

Marc Chiu, Duluth, and Elizabeth Olson, Duluth.

Mark Trimble, Gilbert, and Samantha Benson, Gilbert.

Heidi Jones, Meadowlands, and John Greifzu Jr., Meadowlands.

Brandon Lund, Las Vegas, and Amy Laurvick, Duluth.

Hannah Bachinski, Duluth, and Spencer Wallner, Duluth.

Patrick Hamilton, Duluth, and Wendy Stanley, Duluth.

Adam Bucci, Duluth, and Eva Zabrocki, Duluth.

Kimberly Luoma, Duluth, and Timothy Tungren, Duluth.

Cody Day, Elk River, Minn., and Danielle Vande Venter, Elk River.

Eitan Rubinfeld, Ann Arbor, Mich., and Diana Kibiego, Duluth.

Brittany Shelhorn, Superior, and Nicholas Behler, Superior.

Sheamus Johnson, Madison, Wis., and Alysa Cavanaugh, Madison.

April Larson, Chisholom, and Reginald Fountain, Chisholom.

Noah Farr, Duluth, and Kathryn Triplett, Duluth.

Alexandra Bauers, Duluth, and Logan Talarico, Duluth.

Ashley Damiani, Chisholom, and Nicholas Kenjalo, Chisholom.

Kenneth Mattonen, Duluth, and Jane Gottwald, Paynesville, Minn.

Michelle Nelson, Elk River, Minn., and James Polzin, Saginaw.

Erica Epsen, Hermantown, and Brady Neubarth, Hermantown.

Jeffery Linder, Duluth, and Juan Palacios Moreno, Duluth.

Hailey Smith, Duluth, and Anthony Corradi, Duluth.

Mikaela Dunaisky, Bixby, Okla., and Owen Stauber, Hermantown.

Jessica Cairns, Duluth, and Nicholas Schaller, Duluth.

Berit Henriksen, Duluth, and Kevin Wickland, Duluth.

Mitchell Woitalla, Duluth, and Grace McDonough, Duluth.

Thomas Jarvi, Bullhead City, Ariz., and Shelley Cooper, Bullhead City.

Madeleine Karl, Duluth, and Matthew Haugen, Duluth.

Juris Zelenko, Cambridge, Minn., and Rebecca Huberty, Cambridge.

Collin Stremke, Minneapolis, and Breanne Zattoni, Minneapolis.

Justin Farmer, Cotton, and Heidi Barry, Duluth.

Austin Driscoll, Duluth, and Ashley Bender, Duluth.

Julie Beauregard, Duluth, and Steven Ruikka, Duluth.

Joshua Shain, Hibbing, and Tianna Marturano, Hibbing.

Kenneth Bergman, Duluth, and Rebecca Bortolus, Duluth.

Katherine Hiti, Duluth, and Joseph Proveaux, Duluth.

Dale Martin, Embarrass, and Terri Joki-Martin, Embarrass.

Hannah Erickson, Esko, and Lance Erickson, Duluth.

Phylicia Schindler, Farmington, Minn., and Justin Elvestad, Farmington.

Michael Rankin, Duluth, and Kimberly Johnson, Duluth.

Jane Butler, Duluth, and Michael Stonich, Duluth.

Sarah Bard, Andover, Minn., and Aaron White, Apple Valley, Minn.

Jake Woinarowicz, Hibbing, and Kendra Connelly, Hibbing.

Allison Akins, Ely, and Ernest Horvat, Ely.

Laurie Duarte, Duluth, and Richard Williams, Duluth.

Joshua Astry, Chisholom, and Erinn Puhek, Chisholom.

Amanda Roen, Cloquet, and Mathew Holeman, Cloquet.

April Laitinen, Duluth, and Christopher Wasley, Duluth.

Jeffrey Klassen, Duluth, and Jessica Mizia, Duluth.

Cody Dunaisky, Duluth, and Lena Kamps, Superior.

Jaclyn Rgnonti, Duluth, and Rajminder Heck, Duluth.

Tobias Reckmeyer, Hibbing, and Sueanne Dolentz, Hibbing.

Dwight Simonson, Brainerd, and Ann Ord, Hermantown.

Ryan Przybylski, Boise, Idaho, and Meghan Dybdahl, Boise.

Jessica Maki, Side Lake, and Joseph Pocket, Side Lake.

Kevin Cochran, Bemidji, and Kelly Rees, Bemidji.

Brian Scruggs, Duluth, and Jessica Grover, Duluth.

Kristine Maki, Eveleth, and Nicholas Miller, Eveleth.

Maxwell Minor, Chisholom, and Scott Smith, Duluth.

Charlotte Studden, Tempe, Ariz., and Garron Torma, Tempe.

Craig Mattson, Hibbing, and Britni Galatz, Hibbing.

Gerald Pasanen, Duluth, and Darlene Ceryes, Duluth.

Daniel Kamp, Hermantown, and Lan Hu, Hermantown.

Britta Dricken, Duluth, and Matthew Vannatta, Duluth.

Kelly Klemaier, Mountain Iron, and Kevin Sanders, St. Charles, Mo.

Dissolutions of marriage

Melissa A. Kliegle, Superior, and Mark L. Kliegle, Duluth.

Tristin Greiner, Duluth, and Douglas Greiner, Duluth.

Neva P. Nolan, Duluth, and Daniel S. Nolan, Duluth.

Kevin R. Reisdorf, Duluth, and Kimberly A. Reisdorf, Duluth.

Cody K. Williams, Hermantown, and Heather Williams, Duluth.

Courtney M. Houser, Duluth, and Darren J. Houser, Duluth.

Margaret L. D. Weinkauf, Duluth, and Michael A. Weinkauf, Duluth.

Tammy L. Ward, Hermantown, and Joshua S. Ward, Hermantown.

Michele E. Schwartz, Duluth, and Jason R. Schwartz, Duluth.

Katherine Carver, Duluth, and Jeffrey W. Carver, Duluth.

Margaret G. Haakensen, Duluth, and David W. Haakensen, Duluth.

Krista R. Hill, Duluth, and Michael J. Hill, Duluth.

Alice M. Faegre, Duluth, and Nicholas J. Faegre, Duluth.

Tanya N. Polkowski, Duluth, and Steven J. Polkowski, Duluth.

Amanda N. Larcher-Ayers, Duluth, and Jessie Larcher-Ayers, Duluth.

Ronald R. Jensen, Embarrass, and Sharon L. Jensen, no city listed.

Kari M. Campbell, Superior, and Gabriel R. Campbell, Duluth.

Joshua B. Carr, Duluth, and Laura Carr, Duluth.

Annie M. Bixler, Duluth, and Glen C. Olcott, Duluth.

Sean J. Davidson, Duluth, and Tammy L. Davidson, Duluth.

James D. Severson, Eveleth, and Melissa A. Severson, Hermantown.

Sarah J. Beehler, Duluth, and Sumair J. Sheikh, Duluth.

Susan D. Rud, Duluth, and Brian H. Rud, Duluth.

Andrew J. Kircher, Duluth, and Laura C. Kircher, Duluth.

William B. Howes III, Duluth, and Edith E. Howes, Duluth.

Kevin C. Christensen, Duluth, and Tierney A. Christensen, Duluth.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.