St. Louis County

August marriage license applications

Mark Pilon, Duluth, and Amanda Peterson, Duluth.

Jessica Reinhardt, Hermantown, and Ryan Hanna, Hermantown.

Amanda Larson, Duluth, and Joshua Cisar, Duluth.

Bowen Evans, Duluth, and Kelsey Minde, Duluth.

John Bister, Duluth, and Kaelyn Turner, Duluth.

Shannon Hafdahl, Culver, and Timothy Wark, Culver.

Amanda Lundmark, Inver Grove Heights, Minn., and William Troolin, Inver Grove Heights.

Lori Bryant, Proctor, and Dean Thrun, Proctor.

Lorraine Walsh, Duluth, and Darik Carlson, Duluth.

Rachel Ward, Duluth, and Jonathan Portinga, Duluth.

Kendra Ernest, Duluth, and Adin Briggs, Duluth.

Kayla Holritz, Duluth, and Benjamin Martin, Duluth.

Robert Ferrari Jr., Crosby, Minn., and Ann-Marie Coleman, Crosby.

Brian Wren, Cotton, and Jacklynn Klassen, Kelsey.

Emily Foyt, Duluth, and Kellen Bolander, Duluth.

Lindsey Johnston, Duluth, and Kyler Stolp, Duluth.

Christopher Stefanides, Macomb, Mich., and Aubreann MacNally, Canyon.

Sierra Nordick, Duluth, and Matthew Johnson, Duluth.

Kaitlin Micheau, Duluth, and Benjamin Johnson, Wrenshall.

Danielle Stock, Duluth, and Michael Hollar, Duluth.

John Teske, Duluth, and Julia Opack, Duluth.

Robin Griffith, Duluth, and Brian MacDonell, Duluth.

April Daerda, Duluth, and Austin Smieja, Duluth.

Emily Fansler, Shoreline, Wash., and Victoria Gilman, Shoreline.

Loren Kresky, Duluth, and Teresa Tobolaski, Duluth.

Leif Anderson, Duluth, and Stephanie Priolo, Duluth.

Morgana Davis, Duluth, and Leroy Kolenda, Duluth.

Peter Krause, Hermantown, and Megan Atkinson, Hermantown.

Amber Orm, Atlanta, Mich., and Lynda Dast, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Kari Urban, Duluth, and Tyler Norman, Duluth.

Derek Seeland, Saginaw, and Alexandra Dammer, Saginaw.

Brianna Capra, Duluth, and Brandon Hofman, Duluth.

Jesse Hinkemeyer, Hermantown, and Krystal Delestre, Hermantown.

Aaron Pike, Duluth, and Melissa Wood, Duluth.

Sonja Daniels, Duluth, and David Schuneman, Duluth.

Andrea Trader, Duluth, and Michael Curtis, Duluth.

Mohammed Chati, Superior, and Laura Martin, Duluth.

Andrew Wilcox, Hermantown, and Ashlee Amraen, Hermantown.

Kortnie Brown, Duluth, and Michael Unzen, Duluth.

Ian Clancey, Duluth, and Julie Lawver, Duluth.

Lindsey Kerschen, Duluth, and Kristopher Buran, Duluth.

Robert Haglin, Duluth, and Amanda Marshall, Duluth.

Katie Widman, Rush City, Minn., and Garret Nelson, Jacobson.

Meghan Safstrom, Duluth, and Jacob Fisher, Bemidji.

Luke Sharman, Duluth, and Ashley Grimm, Duluth.

Matthew Faris, Duluth, and Jennifer Stafford, Duluth.

Richard Sickels, Duluth, and Janelle Jacobs, Duluth.

Benjamin Read, Duluth, and Amanda Holzem, Duluth.

Daniel Anderson, Duluth, and Rebecca Lee-Burgener, Duluth.

Brenda Horton, Duluth, and Harry Pearson, Duluth.

Jerod Brooks, Hermantown, and Ashley Boyat, Hermantown.

Lyle Dunaiski, Duluth, and Michelle Geving, Duluth.

Austin Kindt, Duluth, and Kaitlyn Barr, Duluth.

Ashley Krajewski, Duluth, and Austin Smith, Duluth.

John Paaso, Duluth, and Magdalena Vanwyk, Duluth.

Kole Honer, Duluth, and Valerie Youngren, Hermantown.

Dallas Buchholz, Wahpeton, N.D., and Sally Hubred, Wahpeton.

Korey Horn, Duluth, and Karly Farrell, Duluth.

Ricky Helander, Hoyt Lakes, and Bonnie Erickson, Saginaw.

Michelle Hagemann, Duluth, and Daniel Braack, Duluth.

Garrett Perrault, Duluth, and Elisha Washechek, Duluth.

Kelly MacPhail, Duluth, and Paula Derdiger, Duluth.

Eric Berg, Duluth, and Shannon Nelson, Duluth.

Robert Kordiak, Bruno, and Marie Havrilla, Hermantown.

Christopher Schafer, Hermantown, and Alayna Horvath, Hermantown.

Clayton Vesely, Madison, and Emily Whitmyer, Madison.

John Holler, Park Rapids, Minn., and Sarah Stenberg, Park Rapids.

Raydean Morrison, Duluth, and Dale Roland, Duluth.

Heidi Groth, Duluth, and Jesse Stinski, Duluth.

Aloysia Power, Duluth, and Karl Kakuk, Duluth.

Jedidiah Anderson, Duluth, and Molly Dimmerman, Forest Lake, Minn.

Sean Taylor, Duluth, and Heather Zander, Duluth.

Laura Chmielewski, Duluth, and Stefano Jorissen, Duluth.

Austin Levanen, Kalispell, Mont., and Cassandra Aili, Duluth.

Nicole Johnson, Duluth, and David Humes II, Duluth.

Mikayla Head, Duluth, and Alexander King, Duluth.

Michael Hitz, Duluth, and Cassandra Houston, Howard Lake, Minn.

Justin Beck-Riggs, Hermantown, and Lacy Kaushagen, Hermantown.

Charles Sullivan, Duluth, and Breanna Higgins, Duluth.

Evan Nicholls, Duluth, and Emily Doty, Duluth.

Carly Mattson, Duluth, and Daniel Jandl, Duluth.

Maria Sippola, Duluth, and Stephen Brown, Duluth.

Brandon Siebert, Cannon Falls, Minn., and Ashley Wirth, Cannon Falls.

Todd Hess, Elkins, W.Va., and Debra Nichols, Elkins.

Derek Reinolt, Duluth, and Adriane Destasio, Duluth.

Ryan Wellvang, Rice Lake, Wis., and Rachael Olson, Rice Lake.

Paul Nelson, Washington, D.C., and Katherine Kongs, Baltimore.

Mark Hoover, Duluth, and Aprilla Thompson-Amareine, Duluth.

Hillary Boyce, Bozeman, Mont, and Ansel Schimpff, Bozeman.

April Seys, Duluth, and Shawn Thompson, Duluth.

Walter Weyaus Jr., Duluth, and Kayla Day, Duluth.

Michelle Deming, Duluth, and Charles Covart, Duluth.

Desiree Davis, Wrenshall, and Tylor Dianoski, Wrenshall.

Nathaniel Harsha, Duluth, and Carolyn Kerns, Duluth.

Phillip Trujillo, Duluth, and Chelsey Lindstrom, Pine City, Minn.

Nicole Watsula, Duluth, and Adam Kaspar, Duluth.

Johannah Comee, Duluth, and Logan Johnson-Strandjord, Duluth.

Lindsay Seebeck, Duluth, and Christopher Shovein, Duluth.

Crystal Lamiao, Duluth, and Devon Phipps, Duluth.

Kelly Coghlan, Duluth, and Conor Schultz, Duluth.

Katie Redig, Hermantown, and Kelly Collins, Hermantown.

Tyler Jusczak, Duluth, and Kyra Borchardt, Duluth.

Nathan Floen, Duluth, and Molly Mcleete, Duluth.

Laurissa Ruhman, Duluth, and Bradley Nikunen, Duluth.

Emily Lund, Duluth, and Jeremy Thompson, Duluth.

Joanna Regnier, Duluth, and Richard Nelson, Duluth.

Maryna Kurkina, Duluth, and Shimon Shaked, Duluth.

Marissa Wojtysiak, Proctor, and Ryan Leonzal, Proctor.

Bethany Blume, Moose Lake, and Paul Dipuma, Superior.

Mitchell Apriesnig, Laramie, Wyo., and Jenny Johnson, Fort Collins, Colo.

Caryn Johnson, Floodwood, and Chase Heavirland, Floodwood.

Shawnna Robertson, Duluth, and Robert Doblar, Duluth.

Jonathan Beck-Weidner, Proctor, and Katie Ojanen, Proctor.

Joshua Effinger, Saginaw, and Miriam Alanen, Cloquet.

William Avenall, Duluth, and Jaime Olsen, Duluth.

Robert Sutter III, Duluth, and Sonja Hoyum, Duluth.

Andrea Ring, Duluth, and Christopher Rubesch, Duluth.

Becky Lent, Duluth, and Tyrell Lounsberry, Duluth.

Alesia Stevens, Duluth, and Joseph Leskey, Duluth.

Kevin Jensen, Green Bay, and Jamie Paulson, Green Bay.

Peter Bianchini, Proctor, and Lori Ronning, Proctor.

Joan Burg, Duluth, and Jacob Dick, Duluth.

Shane Moran, Duluth, and Alyssa Johnson, Duluth.

Jennifer Stokes, Duluth, and Nathan Labelle, Duluth.

Lucy Mereness, Duluth, and Roberto Ibáñez Carrancá, Duluth.

Reilly Tikka, Hayti, S.D., and Heidi Nelson, Duluth.

Casey Virden, Duluth, and Eric Rice, Duluth.


Dissolutions of marriage

Daniel F. Merritt, Duluth, and Toni L. Merritt, Duluth.

Nancy L. Mandelin-Erspamer, Duluth, and Robert T. Erspamer, Duluth.

Neil B. Witikko, Proctor, and  Richarda L. Witikko, Hermantown.

Sheena M. Panchott, Duluth, and Ryan C. Panchott, Duluth.

Patricia R. Greenwood, Duluth, and Bradley E. Greenwood, Duluth.

Herbert D. Fineday, Cloquet, and Anne M. Fineday, Cloquet.

Jennifer M. Meier, Hermantown, and Brian H. Meier, Hermantown.

Christopher R. Bachke, Proctor, and Heather Bachke, Proctor.

Terri S. Norick, Duluth, and Peter J. Norick, Duluth.

Jay E. Dailey, Hermantown, and  Varpu M. Dailey, Duluth.

Peggy J. Bergh, Superior, and Warren L. Bergh, Duluth.

Jolene D. Reid, Duluth, and Randy T. Reid, Vadnais Heights, Minn.

Carolyn M. Caesar-Collins, Hermantown, and Kelly L. Collins, Hermantown.

Elesha M. Beasley, Duluth, and Steven W. Beasley, Duluth.

 Brian M. Erickson, Duluth, and Moriah C. Peak, Duluth.

Glen M. Baker, Duluth and Wendy E. Baker, Seminola, Fla.

Gail E. Hendrickson, Duluth, and Marc L. Hendrickson, Duluth.

Leigh A. Wright, Duluth, and James E. Wright, Duluth.

Miranda L. Willman, Blaine, Minn., and Ryan S. Willman, Hermantown.

Jennifer M. Parsons, Duluth, and Christopher A. Parsons, Duluth.

Dawn M. Andrew, Hermantown, and Hal F. Andrew, Duluth.

 Ngoc V. Tran, Duluth, and Thu K. Vu, Duluth.

Melanie Hill, Duluth, and Robert A. Hill, Duluth.

Sara K. Seguin, Proctor, and Steven W. Seguin, Duluth.

Amy J. Crandall, Esko, and Todd A. Crandall, Esko.

Gary J. Hopponen, Duluth, and Karen L. Hopponen, Maricopa, Ariz.

Bruce R. Ceryes, Duluth, and Margaret A. Ceryes, Culver.

Julie M.  Jacobsma, Cloquet, and Keith J. Koroschetz, Duluth.

Holly A. Borowicz, Duluth, and Bryan J. Borowicz, Warroad, Minn.

Patricia H. Kendall, Duluth, and Charles M. Kendall, Duluth.

Barry J. Moran, Duluth, and Jodi R. Moran, Duluth.

Andrew J. Dallman, Duluth, and Hansani M.  Panagoda, Duluth.


The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to inform readers about the business of public institutions and to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. The information contained in this list is processed from an electronic copy of the official record, which is submitted by the St. Louis County Courthouse.

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