On Tuesday July 21, guest speaker Daphne Amundson spoke to members of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce ambassadors at a monthly luncheon at the Holiday Inn downtown. Amundson is the new principal of the Montessori School of Duluth. Previously, she worked as a Montessori lead teacher at the primary level.

"Being in the office instead of the classroom is a shift for me," said Amundson. "All of the guides at our school have a college degree plus a year of Montessori training. Several people on staff also have master's degrees."

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Montessori education is an alternative form of education that can be found worldwide. There is a big focus on leading by example and having children work together in groups as well as independently with a hands-on approach.

The Montessori School of Duluth, as well as other Montessori schools, strive to have children learn from one another and lead each other. This goal is accomplished by having classrooms filled with students of varying ages.

The Montessori School of Duluth has been in the Hunter's Park neighborhood since 1991. Before that it was located on Park Point. The school serves children from age 3 up to sixth grade in multi-age classrooms. Currently the school has around 40 families and around 50 students that attend and the tuition is based on the age of the child.

This upcoming fall will mark the 35 year anniversary of the Montessori School of Duluth.